Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009 is a year of death...

death is part of biological entity..everything that live eventually will die.nothing will last forever.death is whispering to ear in the nameless fear. there's nothing in this universe as certain as death. my father always said this~

" There are two things u can't run from; death and taxes"

we can be so happy today, can smoke, can sing, can see but if our time come, you will be six feet under..perhaps, if God wants to take your lives, you will be dead before u can read the next sentence in this post..when your soul is saying good bye, you will suffer the pain and agony..we always told to be ready to face the Angel of Death but are we ready for him? or are we not?

well, back on the title of this post, i think the Angel of Death is very busy this year. yeah, it is his job to take life. erm, let's make thing short, today, the head of the nasyid group,Rabbani to be precise, Asri Ibrahim died early this morning due to heart attack..he was one of the founder in the occupation of nasyid in Malaysia. actually, i don't really like nasyid group because i think they are bunch of hypocrites. well, i guess i can an exception for Rabbani and Raihan..their songs was once a pandemic to Malaysia citizen..he really spreading the the teaching of Islam and the good deeds to human kind through nasyid..may Allah laid him in peace..

erm.. i list down only some of the great name in local and international that died in this year...

1- Michael Jackson: i think his death is the longest and unacceptable by most of the Earth citizen.. he tried to change the world during his lifetime, but he transform the world after his death..enough said..

2- Farah Fawcett: she is one of the Charlie's Angel character in the series. she is so damn famous and she traveled to whole world to promote and gave speeches to help cancer patient to be strong because she also had cancer.. she died on the same day of Michael Jackson's death..the media is not giving too much attention to her..

3- Yasmin Ahmad: i like her so much..her movies and commercial advertisements really gave impact to the Malaysian. she filled the cinema screen with her masterpiece unlike razak moheidin, yusof haslam, ahmad idham who make rubbish movies that served to retarded malaysian...i even did not capitalize their name.. bastards do not reserve for that..

Malaysian political member:

4- Dato' Mohd Hamdan Abd Rahman: he was Pas state assemblyman in Penang..also a great man.

5- Ismail Yaacob: he was also state assemblyman in Manik Urai.. a noble man..

6- Razali Ismail: member of parliment of Kuala Terengganu..he was deputy of minister of education.

so many other politician died, even the exco of Selangor was dead too..well, Nordin Mat Top live long enough to die at another day..the raid in Yogjakarta few days ago allegedly killed him but after DNA result proven the man died in the raid is not Nordin Mat Top..

that's all for now...thanks for reading this quite heavy post..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Into the Sleepless Nights....

they got word for's called insomnia..and i got this disorder since form means i can't sleep well or in my situation, sleeping is something hard to achieve and u need to work hard just to sleep..pretty weird huh?? i know people love to sleep. some spend half of their life by sleeping all days and nights..there was a story told by my father that one of his friends can't sleep for days but once he shuts his eyelids, he can go sleeping not just for a half damn day but can last up to 2 to 3 days without even waking up...if you ask me, that's not just a compliment,~it's an achievement..

i love to sleep but i need at LEAST one hour to close my eyes..but, most of the time, it takes more than that..the disorder is killing me..i can't sleep at night when others are hugging their wives and husbands and teddy bear. mathematic and algebra require balancing~~when u hard to sleep, u hard to wake up..ironically, i am gifted with morning classes which i find another difficulties in my already difficult life..crawling from the bed that chains me, bind me, glued to me is something that my previous, current, and upcoming house mates punch their faces twice. it's like a victory to them when they are successfully wake me up..damn it~

amazingly, when the eye of heaven (Shakespeare W., Sonnet 18) touches the teeth of horizon, my eyes are dragging to close the shop.. once i fall to sleep, i will be haunted with dreams..i never missed not a single night, not even a moment of sleeping, without the attendance of dreams..its make me tired and my head is heavy..either the dream is good or pleasant or scary, it is part of my life..i hate dreaming of running..running from dinosaurs, monsters, demons and anything u can hardly imagine. these bastards are chasing me, of course, in my dream and i damn fucking sick of it. honestly, i hate running even in conscious situation..

i tried so many tips to make me fall asleep easily..when i consult the doctor, he said he can't give me the sleeping pills for a reason of the evidence: death of Heath Ledger and Marilyn Monroe~~~drug overdose..i ain't drug addict and perhaps for that particular reason they can't give me the pills..well, even it's hard, but i accept it because they are who-know-why people..the thing is, don't let yourself been spoon feed with bullshits just because of they are doctors and they consume their tremendous time learning all those stuff..well, mark my word, they are a bunch of people, who, like us, can make mistake too.. judge it with your own rationality..

my parents know my rusty problem and they throw me the tips, which are:

1- SLEEP explanation: i tried but failed..

2- SHEEP explanation: this is ridiculous. i was once count it up to 3000 sheeps crossing the damn wooden gate but it also failed. i'll bet if count the sheeps or even the pink pigs using scientific calculator, it will also failed..i wonder where this so-called sleeping aid idea comes from at the first place? whoever the person is,he or she is a bastard..spreading the useless-technique to the world is something i hardly to accept it..

3- SELAWAT KE ATAS RASULLAH DAN BERZIKIR KEPADA ALLAH explanation: i am convinced this method is going to work and it does work..only me is not religious enough to practice it...ya Allah, berikanlah kekuatan iman pada hambaMu yang hina ini..

4- READ explanation: it's plausible..

5- BREATH IT explanation: even i use oxygen tank, it also failed..

p/s: there are more tips from my parents but i couldn't remember it..
p/s: have any better idea or tips to overcome my problem?
p/s: writing this post on wee-hour as one of the experiment to make me feel sleepy, unfortunately, as i thought, is another failure...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

why tickets always gone??

malaysia is gifted with a lot of holidays. i love it~~one (or maybe the only) of the good things to live in malaysia..useless to mention it because we are all aware of it..the anticipation of these holidays means a thing: people hysterically rushing to their hometown with madness..put aside the responsibilities, tasks, assignments, jobs for one thing people love the most~holiday..

they don't give a shit about that, not even about the money, time, and energy just to get themselves be at home..furthermore, they are willingly to jeopardize their own can read in every newspaper, heard in every radio station, seen in every television channel about death on the road during the festive season..perhaps, when foreign people see how lunatic the malaysian people really are, they will be either laughing or slapping their faces twice..

i experienced with own body and soul stuck in this madness. a journey where usually takes about 6 hours can become a half-damn-day journey. it is not a myth where big cities like KL becoming a hollow dead town during festive season..some say you can even have a picnic on the highway where during normal days it is a hell on earth..

in this madness, who are going to make the most profit? it definitely without doubt is going to petrol station, bus owner, and tony fernandes..make it simple, tickets are all gone and sold out right after the counter is open..then, comes the government to so-called rescue by saying there will be enough bus for the festive and what not. the reality is, there always not enough bus. the price of every public transportation will skyrocket to the sky..see below..

well, tickets are always gone in a blink of an eye..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

khutbah tabligh authorized....

while i was writing "when death accepted as sacrifice"....and that where the story begins..allow me to tell you in BM and DK(dialect kelate) since these two languages were used during the drama....

TEMPAT: rumah teres no.66 jalan tukas 18/34, seksyen 18, shah alam

MASA: pukul 8 malam,

CUACA: agak gelap dan suram cahayanya

WATAK-WATAK(...ini bukan nama sebenar demi menjaga sensitiviti dan privasi watak watak... ):



karim sedang sibuk menaip blognya, lalu bob datang ke bilik karim dengan segulung akhbar lama dan expresi muka cuak dan macam kencing xpuas..

bob: wei, ado sek tabligh la luwa,
bob: pahtu,gano ni??mu tubek etek r, gi sale lah dulu nga sek2 dio
karim: wei, aku paka boxer jah ni, cekak no g sepa taye perut dio, tu paka boxer sajo guano kiro nok g jupo nga sek tabligh,
bob: mu tubek r deh g jupo meta pown xpo...
karim: ho lah, aku tubek r..nok smaye meta (cross finger)
bob: aku nok g toilet ni meta,sakik peruk gilo make kuwe ti yau abe ning takdi
karim: ikut mu la..

bob pown keluar dari bilik karim dengan hati hampa kerana tahu karim xkan keluar.karim mengunci biliknya.

bob: kalil, mu g r dulu tubek sbb aku sakik peruk ni
kalil: ok2, tp cepat sket r

bob mengambil masa yg lama utk keluar. eventually, dia keluar jgk dengan memakai kopiah dan berkain pelikat sambil membilang biji tasbih dari neneknya..

bob: assalamualaikum
tabligh1,2,3: waalaikummusalam wbt..

meraka berbincang-bincang tentang tabligh..


karim duduk dalam bilik sambil memakan chicken floss yg enak..bob mengetuk pintu..

bob: bakpo mu tubek?eiii,nate nih, aku redah piyak nga woh sebbeh ni bari reti baso taik ni...
karim: doh nok wak gano kawe dok make floss aye ni cekak nok tubek bagi 5 ore nah..


moral of the story, jgn anggap bob tidak boleh menjadi seorang tabligh..pintu taubat sentiasa terbuka kecuali orang-orang sesat yang cuba menutup pintu itu.....renung renungkanlah...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

when death accepted as sacrifice...

sacrifice is a culture, tradition and custom in almost every religion practice by the human beings..there's no need to tell that Islam has sacrifice culture which is Qurban, where the Muslims slaughtered four-legged animals during Hari Raya Qurban...

nevertheless, death of the cows, camels, goats, and buffaloes are for religious purposes..well, that is not the case this post meant to be..when death accepted as norm, the life, literally, means valueless..i'm not talking about HIV, AIDS, dengue, swine flu but......ROAD ACCIDENTS........

we are living in age where life get killed in the road is nothing..accidents happen almost every minutes..wait, before i write any further, this topic is discussed countless time before. i'll bet you all know about it but just suddenly triggered to write about this abnormal accepted as normal environment..

i don't know about you, but i have seen more than 10 people died on road accident well of course i watched it wasn't interesting experience but rather nightmare hunted me down at night..honestly, with these bloody experiences taught me how road, symbolizes as connection, people's facilities, to move from one to another, is ironically, kills almost 7000 lives every single year and it's rising every year...those lives value more than anything than this world rather than end up their lives on the damn road...

let's talk about number here..approximately, 18 people die everyday, and those people are not even in the news unless there a freak and terrible years move by, people are using more cars and sadly to say most malaysian driver are the worst driver on the planet..everybody can drive but not everyone can drive well..

there's something wrong about this country..i'll tell you what, this country need to be restructured from basic..improve public transport, practical and no bureaucracy + corruption in getting a license...well, i let you all think this from your own perspective..

p/s: irony of this post, i have driven both car and motorcycles since form 3 through peninsular,from south to north,west to east, but, i have no valid license...weird??
p/s: this post is critical-thinking...don't just read but think
p/s: click to this link for more interesting story..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

raise your hands to the God, my brothers

i must confess, two months of enjoyable holiday was tremendously peaceful. i don't have internet connectivity, for heaven a matter of fact, my father used my laptop ever since on the very first day i back home..


basically, talking about my holiday or your holiday is absolutely bored to ear..but, during the holiday, ideas were popping from my brain desperate to put in the blog..pity..nevertheless, it is quite strange when my hands start to dance on the face of the black keyboard, the idea-less mind consumes the brain~~rusty old brain~~as always. making my fingers fall before it starts to dance..bangun jariku, bangunlah wahai jari ku...

back on running on the same damn business......

frankly speaking, my house was entered by the so-called desparado and guess what, with billions of dollar worth of equipment, they (because this was not a job for a single man) took without the dignity my dvd player and a 21 inches tv..damn it for crying out loud! the culprits were totally un-pro and in a bit rush~~based on Detective Conan's perspective..i curse them since they were born in this world..

the meaning of the title is not asking you to pray to God asking for revenge blows to the culprits but rather asking for protection and rahmat put towards us..told to my heart to accept this with an open heart~~redha..blessing in disguise..

oh wait...i need to tell you this, bear it in minds..the black bruises on my forehead are the sign of the true servant of God and not, i repeat not because of terhantuk kepala pada meja..ok, i hope that is clear enough. stop asking about my bruises!

p/s: so much for blessing in disguise after all....haha
p/s: did not satisfied with this ridiculous post...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There's always silver lining....


i was in part three pre-degree in Malacca when i was first time heard this line..three words, just three words~~enough for the syntax and the subject-verb-agreement stuff..we have in Malay or in Islamic point of view, it says:

Setiap apa yang berlaku, pasti ada hikmah sebaliknya..

but, honestly i prefer blessing in disguise because it carries a lot of meaning behind those words ~~nasib aku budak literature..

yesterday, i was an inch to fall into the darkness of hell, once again...i was overslept on the day of my final exam..bengong la aku nih..i entered the hall almost 20 minutes late..thank God, i was able to make it there just on edge of rejection..for heaven sake, why i can't change my attitude? there's no big deal, just come early or on-time or in another word PUNCTUALITY~~~which i find it so damn difficult to achieve.

change to another story, i suppose to say this?


wondering why some of men find angry in women as sexy...arghhh, that is sick! that is lust..coz i find it rather annoying, irritating and simply eating my eardrum..when women scorned even the fury of hell hath first, i was planning to go back to my home with my sisters on 30th of April, but they, decided to cancel it as they are going to Indonesia for something you can call holiday..arghh, due to that, i decided to back home with my motorcycle.

a journey of:

~456km of ride
~~7 to 8 hours (with cars at speed of 80-100km/hour)
~~~at least 10 hours with motorcycle
~~~~crossing Selangor and Pahang to reach my state
~~~~~no highways(only Karak Highway to reach Bentong)
~~~~~~crossing countless of dangerous mountain and Banjaran
~~~~~~~ possibility of meeting the elephant on road
~~~~~~~~reckless bus+lorry+motor driver (read the post and my comments below it)
~~~~~~~~~the scorching desert and burning rain
~~~~~~~~~~tiredness of hell
~~~~~~~~~~~roadblock is everywhere

a journey without of:

~~~valid license

These reasons especially the fourth bolded reason speaks stronger than the rest..the reason of not going back with my motor and all my plan was sister went to madness last night for this.even the conversation occurred in phone, the tone signaled the frequency of inevitable wave..simply speaking, i was not allowed...shit, i know the reason for the madness for my own good, for security purposes, but the tone is making me devastated all through the hot sleepless night...

the thing is, i hate women when they start to membebel...either my own mother, my sisters or my lecturers, they are all the same...tone of death...

but, i'll always believe there something that happen..blessing in disguise..even i was scolded, even i repeat syntax, even i extended to part 3, every of these things has it's blessing...

p/s: special thanks to Nik Suhaila sbb dia yg kejut sy pergi exam..without her, syntax next semester will be the definite answer, again...thanks again...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Holiday despite the exam hall

i need a holiday, i mean a very long holiday..i'm tired with all these shits~~assignments, people and environment..yes, tomorrow is my final paper, Structure of English(syntax), which i repeat because of falling it last semester.. i got D, very solid D, thanks Mrs. Nazira for giving me this..since falling a paper starts at C-, D is absolutely a Damn Dumbass Donkey(DDD)..but, i ain't regret for what i did last semester but i was given the second chance to repair my result..


reality, i was an extender and repeater..did learn from my mistakes?? ~~i thought i was but it seems that it says otherwise..arghh...

i don't blame the lecturer for my foolish result, i blame myself for any wrong doing..i try to learn from my OWN and others' mistake but you can see me coming late to the class and make trouble with most of the lecturer...i ask myself the word WHY?? why is a very huge, general, and carries lots of explanation of word..

well, see the title again..i went to Malacca after finishing Educational Psychology, which was a hell on earth(damn, i cant answer any of the questions).. being so stressed, i chose "escapism"~~a holiday..i don't take drugs nor alcohol as an escape but cigarette is a must..i went to Malacca for a short holiday..i picked Gunung Ledang as a place of comfort, peace, and was awesome! the cold, the fish, the calm, the air, the setting were making me forget about how cruel life is, even just a moment..yes, i did visit several other places in Malacca and after one and the half years (where the last time i was part-3 in Pre-Deg), things have change rapidly here..haha, i look like a travel agent advertising Zoom Malaysia or something but who damn cares?? i like Malacca and have lots of wonderful memories years ago..

i'm back now to Shah Alam and so lazy to study syntax...argghh, i don't want to repeat it again...honestly....i think writing this post in express of my laziness to!

Monday, April 20, 2009

oopss.....i dropped phonetics!

yes, i dropped phonetics..quite a decision eh? very smart decision, indeed..i repeat syntax coz, of course, i failed the paper last semester..damn! i think i am the only person from my batch who dropped phonetics~~don't think others are crazy enough to drop the subject..well, i know this round or another, i will going to take phonetics next semester..

people keep on asking, telling, giving information about the subject...wake up guys! i dropped the subject many times i need to tell you about this?? len kali makan buah zaitun n kurma byk2...however, moment ago, thing happens that make me slapping my forehead, (da pening da sampai), one of my freinds send me a piece of SMS, a jokes perhaps, to wish her friends a good luck in the exam...but,aaah, i ain't sitting any paper tommorow..below is the message:

Congratulations! Good news for all UiTM students, FINAL EXAM have been cancelled in this sem. To confirm, kindly log on to www.stopdreaming&!!

Very good fact, is it really there the stated website on internet?? hell no..simply click the stated website for guys are very funny! however, it is a good jokes!

erm, i have something stuck in my you think i was taking the right decision dropping the phonetics, a three credits hour subject?? sure you will doubt about know i'm damn lazy and lambat-pergi-kelas person..but, i think it was the best for me and definitely not for you..but, i can't simply say it will going to be an easy day next semester..with PTE (Payah Tahap Epilapsi) and other veracious subjects to come, it really make me sit behind desk and scratch my head..

but, i'll try to stand the volcanic larva next semester, face the consequences of dropping paper, be the man...berani buat berani tanggung r..


i am standing between the Devil and the deep blue sea (i know u hate this line usop)..hope all the best for all of us except you and me are different..sitting in the goblet of fire..

p/s: rebah di tikar sejadah sujud meminta keampunan dan pertolongan dari-Nya...amin..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

sadis dan tragis

This is my tempat menyidai kain(TMK)~~place where i put my towel+sejadah..very scary and very very old school i must say, indeed..actually, TMK was originated from wardrobe, cloth wardrobe, you know, very cheap where you can buy in Mydin n Giant..but, after my ex-house located in S19 was ambushed and attacked by rabies mice and mutated cockroaches, they ate my green wardrobe alive! shit, it fell into pieces..

i can't threw the wardrobe just like that, at least, not all! so, i collected a few pieces of the batang of the wardrobe and my rusty brain triggered something else useful~~~~make a TMK ..

but, everything that stand will fall, so do my falls into pieces..shit, i need to wait next semester to have a real TMK--wooden TMK..i only have money that only enough to make my mouth smoking, other than that is BULLSHIT!!

This post is not to beg sympathy nor empathy from you, not even to attract Bersamamu, but just to express my feeling of my beloved TMK falls..huhu..arghh, too many things need to buy these days!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

i am too fat to be Ricky

pointless i said because all hell set loose for two bloody months clouding the sky crawled behind my back..yes, it's done..last night, was the climax for this final drama went smoothly~where i never thought it could be!

aaah, i feel plain right after the curtain of the stage closed..even though, the drama went successfully achieved, i felt neither happy nor proud nor disappointed..plain..we have been struggle like hell..endless sleepless night and fatigue..

i don't care what other group has achieved nor what people said towards my drama..since theater is passion, critic is part of fact, i received countless of critic coz of i'm not perform my roles during the practice well...but, to those who saw my drama last night, you judge it yourselves!

yes, i am to fat to carry a character that require to be damn hot and fucking macho coz i'm damn not that kind of character..but,think i carry it quite okay..but, maybe different people have different perspective towards my character..lalala...

erm, i'm bored to talk about my production..but, last night proved the already-proven stuff..i always said retarded people will always be fucking bastard..their stupidity is marvelous! they are trying to show their little power they have to the most-unlikely-creature-imaginable~~~student~~us~me! damn it u asshole! he, the hall keeper, told us not to do this and that and we accept it with an open heart..he told us not to push down the table even though the drama deeply needed to do so but we put the priority aside for the sake of not making trouble..

well, during the drama, anything can happen and yes we accidently ter-push the table because it was damn dark that of the chair also patah, and one of the actress was wounded due to the broken orb spreaded on the stage..

sial punya keeper, after the drama over, he rushed madly to my lecturer and complaining this and, watafak man?? we told you it was an accident and we have no intention whatsoever to do such thing...i curse him from the moment he open his fucking mouth..

well, that's people! i say nothing more..but mark my word, never give power even as small as ant to the retarded people because they will abuse it..they use it to menzalimi umat manusia ini...i hate these people with all my heart!

p/s: leave a comment for my drama..thanks
p/s: thanks for watching my drama
p/s: first time kene make-up...damn!
p/s: picture/video of my drama will be uploaded soon
p/s: who's with me against these bastards??

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ke-gem-bi-ra-an Menghisap Rokok

no no no...i rather starve to the death rather than not to smoke..people (those who are not smoke) keeping tellin' me even countless of saliva poured to my face and without a second of giving up to stop smoking...watafak! i'm telling you as long as money in my pocket, i will smoke~~my one and only igniter to keep my brain works like a well-oiled-machine..i don't give a shit! i know the hazard of fact, every time i pull out a cigar from the box, there a big-ugly-stupid and i-want-to-puke-2-your-face-twice double sided picture printed on the cover of the box...see the below picture, but don't puke coz i will...

stop telling me to stop smoking. i don't even use a single cent of your bapak's money..i know your concern but let me tell you this:

Smokers will always reject anti-smoking campaign and advice

don't you think where the government got all the money to run this country? it comes from the the taxpayers money--smokers' money~~my money..i do my part in developing the country, everyday..what is your contribution to the country ha?? please, see the benefit of smoking from hidden perspective. it may seems to be hazard but it carries a greater good to us...

i hope that no more advise from anybody to quit smoking..da naik muak sangat dah..don't you have better thing to do..i accept any critics, comments, advices but not telling me to stop smoking..but, i URGE you to pull out a cigar and ignite it and feel it to believe it..TASTING IS BELIEVING!

p/s: smoking while writing this blog.

p/s: long live all smokers in the world..


Saturday, April 11, 2009

end of rice-less month

suffered i must say to you when i stop eating all rice-based-product and it means that i stop eating rice~~the most basic needs of us..not long but just barely one month..damn, it was a torture to me..eating just purely bread and lauk pauk when all of my friends in heaven eating the rice in paradise..

the first week was terribly hell! my hand was shaking like damn Parkinson dude! nevertheless, i, successfully, endured the first week..then, i realized that stop eating rice is totally crazy and torture, but, when looked it from the different perspective, is not about torture of not eating, but it was just a psychological attack to my mind and how i was going to manage my mental endurance~~(aku kecek supo aku ni da tip top Educational Psychology plak)

ermm, make it simple, you can do anything if you have a very strong will..phrase like "if there is a will, there is a way"...but saying it is much easier than done. trust me! can you stop eating rice for just one week? try it if you don't believe it..

seriously, i can say endurance la ape la, but, at least, i already achieve my target: NO RICE,what about you?? however, my friends amaze me because i can stop eating rice but shockingly, can't stop (or at least, reduce) my smoking habit...

i lost 9 kilograms of my fat body weight~~twice your weight (triple perhaps if you size like Khalid when you were a newborn baby.. 9kg in month! that was not just an accomplishment, the word is not suitable, is MIRACULOUSLY AMAZING, dude!

but, is not a happy ending story, today, i'm back eating the delicious white rice...i am very afraid that i will raise my weight again right before i can see my body shape change...dammit~

p/s: xde ke ubat yg bley ko tibai je ko nk makan ape tp berat badan ko x naik, x maintain, tp turun je berat badan ko...i'll bet kene telan marijuana sekilo sari baru bley kan...

this is obviously not my ass...!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Before semester close it curtain...It is heLL and I know it

i bet no blog (from tesl students) was written in the past few week and two three days to come, also..seriously, people are gifted with two hands, and with test+assignment+presentation+class and many other bullshits are killing and massacre everybody.. hope everybody can endure this final week of shit in clean hand..aduh, blaja pown susa, xblaja pown susa...yes, this time is between the Devil and the deep blue sea


p/s: ask something even i know i couldn't get it, please no more assignment..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Benci Pak Guard

i heard stories before a student who criticize Unit Keselamatan UiTM aka pak guard was banned from continuing the study in uitm..shit, if the story was true, and i believe the story was true, my one and only question i want to throw to these jackasses is:


This is a free country, at least, it 'seems' so but actually it is not..Erm, the thing is, aku kene saman hari ni by these bastards for a reason i couldn't accepted..there is no student's sticker stick to my motorcycle..dammit,i already applied it but in the system, my application for the sticker, is still not get the approval..but, the devil of hatred towards students flame the anger and shut his ears and not accepting any explanation~~~ignorance of hell! Ape masalah ko sebenarnya ha? Main rembat je nak saman orang, kalau aku saman bapak ko,camne??trase bangga x dalam hati ko??

why you want to create a system where you lack of knowledge to use your own creation..that's rubbish..people easy to do something but seriously shit speaking, they hard to maintain it..

dear my beloved readers, i know you all have bad experience with Pak Guard before..nobody likes pak guard~~not even the lecturers..they told us to respect them but they the one who do not respect us..! Am i right??

p/s: benci orang tua yang mahu kita hormat mereka tapi mereka yang baling najis pada,how are we going to respect them??

p/s: i love UiTM but don't like these people who tear the image pak guard who read this blog (if any), accept this critics with an open heart..baru la hidup aman!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

usop, i am wrong...

this is quotation i took, copy and paste it here, taken from usop, my housemate..thanks buddy! you open my eyes and i am totally wrong and thanks for make things right...


"April Fool adalah contoh kejahilan orang kafir, yang menghalalkan pembohongan disebalik topeng gurauan"

Forgot where I heard that. Just think about it. April Fool is not a day to laugh (referring to what you've posted). Its a day to LIE. And after delivering lies, people laugh about it. Now, the problem is not with the laughing process, but rather it is in the fact that there could exist such a day where you are ALLOWED to lie. We can laugh on many things, but wouldn't it be better if we DON'T consider lying as a legitimate way of expressing a joke ?? Even for one day. Because Like it or not, everyone knows lying counts as a sin.. (on most cases). And there cannot be a day where lying can be miraculously allowed.

Keep in mind, this is just my opinion~

Well at least you're not celebrating an occasion that is based on such history..
one that made a mockery of our religion, that is.

Anyway, I think you guys knew this already, that in the islamic point of view (perhaps scientifically).. laughing can lead to a poor memory. Moreover our prophet Rasulullah S.A.W. would prefer to smile rather than to laugh. Not to say that laughing is totally bad.. but tOo much.. erm, lets just say less is better..


seriously, i was fooled and become a scumbag on April the first and shits it was not funny at all..Kinah called me and said that Mc'Yett has broke her, i told Cipet~where he was in deep sleep, rushing to go to Mc'Yett house. Kinah plak bley plak Fiat Punto die g mane ntah, told to Cipet to go to take Mc'Yett.

Long story short, Kinah, actually was fooled by her friends, which i do not know, April Fool katenye..Cipet went to madness cursing things...aahh, i hate when there are people who have retarded minds...They are BASTARDS! bullshit i said to their foolish act..that's not funny,idiots! These jackasses must vanish from the face of the Earth...


to usop, you are right about this, i have nothing more than strongly agree to your comment above...thanks for the good advise!

p/s: Fuck all the people who fool other people just to make them laugh! Dig your own asses and smell it.. see how funny it is!

when hell closes it doors shut

she just remind me of my old days, days in school where teachers hold total domination and rule under veracious administration..hell!

i really want to take picture of my beloved~(damn)~ mandarin laoshi(teacher) but it just not simply can take picture just like that especially, whenever you see her, APPROACH WITH CAUTION....i rather take a picture of tiger and lion (of course in zoo) rather than dare to stand in front of her and snap the picture..

she is andartu. and it stands for Anak Dara yang xbley jd Menantu! hahaha...she and other andartu(s) feel they are belong to nobody and seriously, can't have sex, and release their wrath to their students...i am the one (as always) be her punching bag..shit!

There shits happent in her class today:

1- Listening test dia mcm sial..the speakers in the cd are chinese~~pure blooded chinese~~and damn, i can't understand the speeding igt aku ore cino ko nok pehe kecek laju tumo lagu tuh..then, any suggestion for me what to do??tembak je la smua and never hit any targeted area! Crapt Crapt Crapt...Luckily my writing test went a little bit smoother..thank God!

2- In the middle of the writing test, came a lady in anxious, seems that something had clouded her mind..selambe dia ja masuk klas mcm tu. her eyes moved here and there and baru la ask for permission from the laoshi..she was looking for her car keys. pity!!but, her mind was under Panically Traumatised Behavior, and she,shockingly, looked under my table..da la aku tgh test..what are you looking, young lady? there nothing under the table..was she looking for the car keys or looking for something else??argh..hell no..when your mind stress with mandarin writing test, you tend to think shits!! but, i wonder if the lady can left her br**st at home, would she left it?? how come you can lost your car keys??

3- I was the last person leaving the class and when i submitted my writing paper, laoshi called me and expressed her I-BOOK-THE-HELL statement:

~~~"Afnan, here is your marks, 20.1 out 40, you just lucky you are slightly pass!"~~~

Damn! 20.1 out 40..if you rounding the score, i will get just my marks can have point one?is it little be odd? is it just me or she the one who count it wrong??

Well, it is over now..and i glad i survive one semester with her class and there is only one more class to go and the next class just watch the role-play made from her students including me~~~~argghhh!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

laugh laugh laughing...

laugh is the best medicine. we all know that..well, today is April 1st and of course, it's April Fool..erm, i have read many articles and endless of lectures not to celebrate April Fool..they say it was in history, where Muslim soldiers were fooled by the Christian missionary army and they were burnt alive..

the thing is, i am not celebrating it..but,

to me, there's nothing wrong to laugh. April Fool is a day to laugh. yes, we can laugh everyday and anytime we want but it just to remind us the need to laugh~the basic of human lives~as to be part of the society~ those who are still very conservative and trying to 'protect' Islam and say it is a sin to celebrate April Fool and will be put into the hell of fire. they suppose to dakwah in so many other ways to attract the young generation and other religion believer to believe and practice Islam~~Islam is simple! remember that!

not a single country in this world has a holiday on April 1st in commemorate of the April Fool day.. aah, how i am going to say this??they told us not to do anything funny on April 1st because they afraid we are celebrating April Fool. why??human needs to laugh. laughing is an acceptance and the existence of human lives..such intolerance is unacceptable.

we are civil society, not an evil community...

well, go to hell, i laugh a lot and don't stress and grudge towards me because i just like to laugh and not just this day but anytime when things happen to be funny and i laugh about it. in fact, i laugh ALMOST everyday!

erm, the weather is dark above there, let have something that can make us laugh or at least smile even it just a bit...come on!

P/S: ~not celebrating April Fool but i do laugh today twice!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

we buy we throw

the title seems like a proverb and clearly, it is, i saw a woman throw her goreng pisang. Goreng pisang is everybody's favorite. but, if she did not like goreng pisang, why should she bother to buy the goreng pisang after all??well. i can say that the goreng pisang was not tasty or there was a cockroach inside the banana,who knows?

but we can't simply throw all your shits everywhere. i hate people throwing rubbish~~they are some bunch of retards~~or perhaps BASTARDS might more suitable. what is wrong with their gifted hands?is it so hard to throw in the right place?argh, why? i wish that those who throw their shits everywhere will be put in the same hell as Firaun! serve the right!

one more thing, the women is a Muslim and wears tudung. she should knows better about keeping the environment clean and not to waste the rezeki given to her. dammit! how we want to make Islam to a better perspective to other people if things as simple as this they do not know?? they keep talking about others wrong doings but they the one who diverted from the right path..she should not waste her foods. keep it so she can eat it at another time..people all around the world is facing starvation and she, aahh, simply throw the food just like that..

below there is a video to remind us about the starvation. this video i made during pre degree in Malacca for one of the subject i took..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grown up,man!

look to hand,is there any kedut-kedut?look to your books, can you still read it~normally?look to your faces,is wrinkle here and there?gosh, we are to far from that,at least not for the next ten years!

we all contain crazy head with crappy mind because we are still young (at least, i feel it that way) and that is not the answer for being too childish. i am crazy to most of the stuff and most of the stuff are crazy enough, but when the sky is blue, and when the environment in deeply need for maturity, i only beg for one and only thing a man can ask, GROWN UP!

We all hypocrite! the true color is hidden by the colorful rainbow. and yes, people do judge books from its color. everybody has their own dirty little secret~~me too...

the thing is, at the age of 21~where it's a starting line of of acceptance to the society (coz you are now can cast your vote in the election and bla3) when you do something

terribly+tremendously+extremely stupid for the sake of getting the attention is BULLSHIT!

Getting the attention has nothing wrong with it but under the certain circumstances, it can be, standing beside the door of hell! and, i dedicated this post for you and esspecially to him who has stupid hair with the green car!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wo bu zhidao

seriously, mandarin (huayu) is damn hard to learn..cerebrum is rusty these days..acquisition of a new language will be double the hard triple the hell..the lecturer, Chen laoshi, can eat a man, u know in one bite. in fact half of my ear was eaten by her~raw raw (mentah-mentah)..

today is a oral test...since i can't freely speak chinese, i need to memorize the essay and it sucks, man..rusty i said my brain is..nevertheless, i manage to memorize it in one hell night.however, during the test, i succesfully, miss behind one line that is:

"youkong de shihou, wo changchang kan dianshi he ti zuqiu"
~~During leisure time, i always watching tv and playing football~~

Arggh, why i missed that part.....crapt la! but, the thing today that can make me smiling on the way back home, under the black sky and, raining bolt to the surface of the earth, was i was not scolded by her...not even a class i missed from her wrath...well, what can i say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

well, it was over, useless i said to regret the past and once again, i 'escape' from the dragon who always want to 'cekik' me every Thursday's evening...

next week will be writing test and listening test,one shot,dude! it will be another gate of hell...shit, i already can smell the smoke from hell....

my blood runs through my vein has chinese kromosom(cop,aku xamek biology) and one sentence i know the most::::::::

..............................WO BU ZHIDAO........................................

One more thing...

since i am a tesl student, i must not commit any wrong-doings in grammar and syntax (which i really enjoy doing errors hahaha...)....but, i dont give a shit! someone criticize me for the grammatical errors because i'm very poor in, just to remind you all, ignore or correct it if there is/are any gramatical error(s) in the blog...but, i'll try my best not to make errors..i'm not an angel not even a devil as well...i am me!

ke-gem-bi-ra-an in bastardizing in both Malay and English.....!

i'm sorryyy....

My first!

On this peaceful evening, my brain triggered me to write my blog--my first ever blog i ever written. it seems that all my friends have a least, i have place to share my thought and views. i don't care if nobody wants to read my blog coz i just simply want to write..before this, i always think that people writing diaries are living in their own world and sharing their life into words and the words into books or diaries but aaah, i am totally wrong!

F.Y.I, the man who switch me on for the blog is bruda bear (thanks buddy)..i like to read his blog and read other blogs because i can see many thing through words.

before i go any further, you, the reader out there and view this blog, are hereby are agree to:

If any pictures that have your face and anything that related to you or to those who you know, be proud and we are really sorry for any inconvenience caused..there is no copyright for any picture, videos or thought,please dont sue me! remember it's just for the sake of entertaiment..If you view this blog, and hereby that you are agree with all terms and regulations and you dont have the right to sue us or whatsoever that can harm me and anybody that have the connection with this profile...

Some of my friends are betting that i will not post anything for the blog after ten blogs i post (pehe ke dok ni?). but, as long as my eyes can see, as long as my hand can dance, and as long as my mind do it magic,,,i will write the blog..