Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There's always silver lining....


i was in part three pre-degree in Malacca when i was first time heard this line..three words, just three words~~enough for the syntax and the subject-verb-agreement stuff..we have in Malay or in Islamic point of view, it says:

Setiap apa yang berlaku, pasti ada hikmah sebaliknya..

but, honestly i prefer blessing in disguise because it carries a lot of meaning behind those words ~~nasib aku budak literature..

yesterday, i was an inch to fall into the darkness of hell, once again...i was overslept on the day of my final exam..bengong la aku nih..i entered the hall almost 20 minutes late..thank God, i was able to make it there just on edge of rejection..for heaven sake, why i can't change my attitude? there's no big deal, just come early or on-time or in another word PUNCTUALITY~~~which i find it so damn difficult to achieve.

change to another story, i suppose to say this?


wondering why some of men find angry in women as sexy...arghhh, that is sick! that is lust..coz i find it rather annoying, irritating and simply eating my eardrum..when women scorned even the fury of hell hath first, i was planning to go back to my home with my sisters on 30th of April, but they, decided to cancel it as they are going to Indonesia for something you can call holiday..arghh, due to that, i decided to back home with my motorcycle.

a journey of:

~456km of ride
~~7 to 8 hours (with cars at speed of 80-100km/hour)
~~~at least 10 hours with motorcycle
~~~~crossing Selangor and Pahang to reach my state
~~~~~no highways(only Karak Highway to reach Bentong)
~~~~~~crossing countless of dangerous mountain and Banjaran
~~~~~~~ possibility of meeting the elephant on road
~~~~~~~~reckless bus+lorry+motor driver (read the post and my comments below it)
~~~~~~~~~the scorching desert and burning rain
~~~~~~~~~~tiredness of hell
~~~~~~~~~~~roadblock is everywhere

a journey without of:

~~~valid license

These reasons especially the fourth bolded reason speaks stronger than the rest..the reason of not going back with my motor and all my plan was sister went to madness last night for this.even the conversation occurred in phone, the tone signaled the frequency of inevitable wave..simply speaking, i was not allowed...shit, i know the reason for the madness for my own good, for security purposes, but the tone is making me devastated all through the hot sleepless night...

the thing is, i hate women when they start to membebel...either my own mother, my sisters or my lecturers, they are all the same...tone of death...

but, i'll always believe there something that happen..blessing in disguise..even i was scolded, even i repeat syntax, even i extended to part 3, every of these things has it's blessing...

p/s: special thanks to Nik Suhaila sbb dia yg kejut sy pergi exam..without her, syntax next semester will be the definite answer, again...thanks again...


  1. Hahaha... "tone of death"..
    Good one, Pene..

    I couldn't agree more.. But keep in mind they did that because they care.. Still, its better if there are no highly-pitched sound involved.. huhu..

    Nway, you're fortunate you made it to the exams.. Nevermind, there's always room for improvement.. =]

  2. just like the old you when we were in kuantan.. late to class but you were never late for the exams... lucky you.. nsbaik loe ada moto.. klu xda mampos!!!