Friday, August 20, 2010

An Afternoon In Front of Dentist Rooms

I went to Pusat Kesihatan UiTM yesterday afternoon. The agonizing injury on my right foot forces me to go there. I can't bear the pain any longer. Well, after all those procedures, I waited in front of pharmacy counter to get medicines. It actually side by side with the dentist rooms. While waiting for my number to be called, I was wondering that they were a few people waiting for oral treatment. I know toothache is an unbearable pain but to do it in the daylight during fasting month is quite amazing. Correct me I am wrong because I think if you put something inside your mouth is consider as 'makhruh'.

Well, there's just a thought.

The sound came out from dentist rooms was freaking horrible. Honestly, I used to hate dentists. In fact, I really cursed them and I assumed that all dentists in the world broke loose from hell to give torment to young children. Besides fighting, playing sand and soil, and other regular stuff played by kampung boy like me, meeting a dentist was a common thing. As a matter of fact, the frequency of going there made me remember the furious nurse, the bored receptionist and even the cleaner mocked me because I did spit blood on the floor. She mopped, I spat. She mocked, I spat again. That's how much I hate going to go to dental clinic.

I had a very poor tooth set. Bacteria made holes from inside out of my teeth. I love to fertilize them with sugar. They grew fat and stubborn. My mouth was so bacteria safe haven. What can I say, sweet tooth is initial part of sweet smile. Due to my regularity towards dental treatment, I know so many terms about dentistry. Take this as an example, many people call wired-steel teeth as braces, but in dentist term, it called orthodontic--another word from hell.

People have phobia with clown and I have a phobia with dentist. No matter how beautiful they talk, no matter how pretty their eyes, they are still dentists. Metaphorically they punch your teeth. Do not believe them when they spoon feed you with bullshit by saying it has no pain. Nonetheless, to all wonderful dentists out there, now, I believe you are wonderful creatures. I honestly thank them for making my teeth healthy and strong. Currently, I have no tooth problem and it is perfectly healthy. I believe beauty does come from pain. I really am.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crown of Clown

People always portray me as an exaggerating fat douchebag. Well, we can't run from exaggerating things that surround us. We can't. We make things look much better or worse than it actually is. It's part of our lives. Yeah, maybe I am bit obvious compared to other normal people, because I do exaggerating almost on regular basis. It's fun. Why do we need to be serious at all times? Please, be human. It's not hard to carve a smile to one's own beautiful mouth. I may look silly but i am not most men.

Objective for above statement? When it comes too serious, I will not be the man of clown. It all started one week ago. I played futsal. Played as a goalkeeper--position people hate the most. Nothing more deadly after snake's venom, is becoming a goalkeeper. You are as good as dead. But, as a man, I stood up and slapped all the barriers and challenges of goalkeeping needs just to swallow my fear. I signed the position. Given to me from my predecessor and a blessing to me to jump into the cruelty of futsal. I was literally at mercy of people's feet. Wait, am I exaggerating here?

Continue, long story short, while I was rushing to opponent's striker to narrow the angle of shooting possibilities, I mistakenly fell on my of ankle. Instantly, my mouth shouted, gasping for life. It felt like your feet were hit by a train. Amazingly, many people thought I just pulling everyone's leg, figuratively. I didn't have time to pull your hairy legs. It was undeniably literally frankly torment!

But, I got two lessons here:
a. If you don't know the techniques in goalkeeping skills, don't pretend to be one.
b. Once people sticking the crown of clown on your head, your actions accepted as a joke first, then to its literally meaning.