Wednesday, April 1, 2009

laugh laugh laughing...

laugh is the best medicine. we all know that..well, today is April 1st and of course, it's April Fool..erm, i have read many articles and endless of lectures not to celebrate April Fool..they say it was in history, where Muslim soldiers were fooled by the Christian missionary army and they were burnt alive..

the thing is, i am not celebrating it..but,

to me, there's nothing wrong to laugh. April Fool is a day to laugh. yes, we can laugh everyday and anytime we want but it just to remind us the need to laugh~the basic of human lives~as to be part of the society~ those who are still very conservative and trying to 'protect' Islam and say it is a sin to celebrate April Fool and will be put into the hell of fire. they suppose to dakwah in so many other ways to attract the young generation and other religion believer to believe and practice Islam~~Islam is simple! remember that!

not a single country in this world has a holiday on April 1st in commemorate of the April Fool day.. aah, how i am going to say this??they told us not to do anything funny on April 1st because they afraid we are celebrating April Fool. why??human needs to laugh. laughing is an acceptance and the existence of human lives..such intolerance is unacceptable.

we are civil society, not an evil community...

well, go to hell, i laugh a lot and don't stress and grudge towards me because i just like to laugh and not just this day but anytime when things happen to be funny and i laugh about it. in fact, i laugh ALMOST everyday!

erm, the weather is dark above there, let have something that can make us laugh or at least smile even it just a bit...come on!

P/S: ~not celebrating April Fool but i do laugh today twice!


  1. betul2, gelak buat aku lebih bahagie, eh jap, aku nih bile yg tak gelak kn?

  2. "April Fool adalah contoh kejahilan orang kafir, yang menghalalkan pembohongan disebalik topeng gurauan"

    Forgot where I heard that. Just think about it. April Fool is not a day to laugh (referring to what you've posted). Its a day to LIE. And after delivering lies, people laugh about it. Now, the problem is not with the laughing process, but rather it is in the fact that there could exist such a day where you are ALLOWED to lie. We can laugh on many things, but wouldn't it be better if we DON'T consider lying as a legitimate way of expressing a joke ?? Even for one day. Because Like it or not, everyone knows lying counts as a sin.. (on most cases). And there cannot be a day where lying can be miraculously allowed.

    Keep in mind, this is just my opinion~

    Well at least you're not celebrating an occasion that is based on such history..
    one that made a mockery of our religion, that is.

    Anyway, I think you guys knew this already, that in the islamic point of view (perhaps scientifically).. laughing can lead to a poor memory. Moreover our prophet Rasulullah S.A.W. would prefer to smile rather than to laugh. Not to say that laughing is totally bad.. but tOo much.. erm, lets just say less is better..