Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grown up,man!

look to hand,is there any kedut-kedut?look to your books, can you still read it~normally?look to your faces,is wrinkle here and there?gosh, we are to far from that,at least not for the next ten years!

we all contain crazy head with crappy mind because we are still young (at least, i feel it that way) and that is not the answer for being too childish. i am crazy to most of the stuff and most of the stuff are crazy enough, but when the sky is blue, and when the environment in deeply need for maturity, i only beg for one and only thing a man can ask, GROWN UP!

We all hypocrite! the true color is hidden by the colorful rainbow. and yes, people do judge books from its color. everybody has their own dirty little secret~~me too...

the thing is, at the age of 21~where it's a starting line of of acceptance to the society (coz you are now can cast your vote in the election and bla3) when you do something

terribly+tremendously+extremely stupid for the sake of getting the attention is BULLSHIT!

Getting the attention has nothing wrong with it but under the certain circumstances, it can be, standing beside the door of hell! and, i dedicated this post for you and esspecially to him who has stupid hair with the green car!


  1. people don't judge, afnan, they punish before they ever judged~

  2. ehem2..brape no plate keta hijau tu?

  3. jagung bakar yg manis,i cant tell u that~~strictly confidential!