Tuesday, March 31, 2009

we buy we throw

the title seems like a proverb and clearly, it is not..today, i saw a woman throw her goreng pisang. Goreng pisang is everybody's favorite. but, if she did not like goreng pisang, why should she bother to buy the goreng pisang after all??well. i can say that the goreng pisang was not tasty or there was a cockroach inside the banana,who knows?

but we can't simply throw all your shits everywhere. i hate people throwing rubbish~~they are some bunch of retards~~or perhaps BASTARDS might more suitable. what is wrong with their gifted hands?is it so hard to throw in the right place?argh, why? i wish that those who throw their shits everywhere will be put in the same hell as Firaun! serve the right!

one more thing, the women is a Muslim and wears tudung. she should knows better about keeping the environment clean and not to waste the rezeki given to her. dammit! how we want to make Islam to a better perspective to other people if things as simple as this they do not know?? they keep talking about others wrong doings but they the one who diverted from the right path..she should not waste her foods. keep it so she can eat it at another time..people all around the world is facing starvation and she, aahh, simply throw the food just like that..

below there is a video to remind us about the starvation. this video i made during pre degree in Malacca for one of the subject i took..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grown up,man!

look to hand,is there any kedut-kedut?look to your books, can you still read it~normally?look to your faces,is wrinkle here and there?gosh, we are to far from that,at least not for the next ten years!

we all contain crazy head with crappy mind because we are still young (at least, i feel it that way) and that is not the answer for being too childish. i am crazy to most of the stuff and most of the stuff are crazy enough, but when the sky is blue, and when the environment in deeply need for maturity, i only beg for one and only thing a man can ask, GROWN UP!

We all hypocrite! the true color is hidden by the colorful rainbow. and yes, people do judge books from its color. everybody has their own dirty little secret~~me too...

the thing is, at the age of 21~where it's a starting line of of acceptance to the society (coz you are now can cast your vote in the election and bla3) when you do something

terribly+tremendously+extremely stupid for the sake of getting the attention is BULLSHIT!

Getting the attention has nothing wrong with it but under the certain circumstances, it can be,ermm...like standing beside the door of hell! and, i dedicated this post for you and esspecially to him who has stupid hair with the green car!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wo bu zhidao

seriously, mandarin (huayu) is damn hard to learn..cerebrum is rusty these days..acquisition of a new language will be double the hard triple the hell..the lecturer, Chen laoshi, can eat a man, u know in one bite. in fact half of my ear was eaten by her~raw raw (mentah-mentah)..

today is a oral test...since i can't freely speak chinese, i need to memorize the essay and it sucks, man..rusty i said my brain is..nevertheless, i manage to memorize it in one hell night.however, during the test, i succesfully, miss behind one line that is:

"youkong de shihou, wo changchang kan dianshi he ti zuqiu"
~~During leisure time, i always watching tv and playing football~~

Arggh, why i missed that part.....crapt la! but, the thing today that can make me smiling on the way back home, under the black sky and, raining bolt to the surface of the earth, was i was not scolded by her...not even a class i missed from her wrath...well, what can i say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

well, it was over, useless i said to regret the past and once again, i 'escape' from the dragon who always want to 'cekik' me every Thursday's evening...

next week will be writing test and listening test,one shot,dude! it will be another gate of hell...shit, i already can smell the smoke from hell....

my blood runs through my vein has chinese kromosom(cop,aku xamek biology) and one sentence i know the most::::::::

..............................WO BU ZHIDAO........................................

One more thing...

since i am a tesl student, i must not commit any wrong-doings in grammar and syntax (which i really enjoy doing errors hahaha...)....but, i dont give a shit! someone criticize me for the grammatical errors because i'm very poor in grammar..so, just to remind you all, ignore or correct it if there is/are any gramatical error(s) in the blog...but, i'll try my best not to make errors..i'm not an angel not even a devil as well...i am me!

ke-gem-bi-ra-an in bastardizing in both Malay and English.....!

i'm sorryyy....

My first ever.......blog!

On this peaceful evening, my brain triggered me to write my blog--my first ever blog i ever written. it seems that all my friends have a blog..at least, i have place to share my thought and views. i don't care if nobody wants to read my blog coz i just simply want to write..before this, i always think that people writing diaries are living in their own world and sharing their life into words and the words into books or diaries but aaah, i am totally wrong!

F.Y.I, the man who switch me on for the blog is bruda bear (thanks buddy)..i like to read his blog and read other blogs because i can see many thing through words.

before i go any further, you, the reader out there and view this blog, are hereby are agree to:

If any pictures that have your face and anything that related to you or to those who you know, be proud and we are really sorry for any inconvenience caused..there is no copyright for any picture, videos or thought shown.so,please dont sue me! remember it's just for the sake of entertaiment..If you view this blog, and hereby that you are agree with all terms and regulations and you dont have the right to sue us or whatsoever that can harm me and anybody that have the connection with this profile...

Some of my friends are betting that i will not post anything for the blog after ten blogs i post (pehe ke dok ni?). but, as long as my eyes can see, as long as my hand can dance, and as long as my mind do it magic,,,i will write the blog..