Friday, April 3, 2009

Benci Pak Guard

i heard stories before a student who criticize Unit Keselamatan UiTM aka pak guard was banned from continuing the study in uitm..shit, if the story was true, and i believe the story was true, my one and only question i want to throw to these jackasses is:


This is a free country, at least, it 'seems' so but actually it is not..Erm, the thing is, aku kene saman hari ni by these bastards for a reason i couldn't accepted..there is no student's sticker stick to my motorcycle..dammit,i already applied it but in the system, my application for the sticker, is still not get the approval..but, the devil of hatred towards students flame the anger and shut his ears and not accepting any explanation~~~ignorance of hell! Ape masalah ko sebenarnya ha? Main rembat je nak saman orang, kalau aku saman bapak ko,camne??trase bangga x dalam hati ko??

why you want to create a system where you lack of knowledge to use your own creation..that's rubbish..people easy to do something but seriously shit speaking, they hard to maintain it..

dear my beloved readers, i know you all have bad experience with Pak Guard before..nobody likes pak guard~~not even the lecturers..they told us to respect them but they the one who do not respect us..! Am i right??

p/s: benci orang tua yang mahu kita hormat mereka tapi mereka yang baling najis pada,how are we going to respect them??

p/s: i love UiTM but don't like these people who tear the image pak guard who read this blog (if any), accept this critics with an open heart..baru la hidup aman!


  1. Somehow the term Pak Guard seems accustomed to the abuse of power..

  2. Finally i've found u, wey freedom of speech isnt practical in this country la.. about the pak guard thingy, i think dorg ni ada PHd. dlm ke"pakguard"an ni.. that's why their actions exceeds the lecturer..

  3. haha... klu mo link blog? wordpress sy taw la.. blogspot x taw.. hehe... i dont know if i'm well prepared for next week's misery.. too many 'ASS'ignments and presentations.. good luck for the both of us.. another week to endure..

  4. Sometimes, pak guard can be very annoying to me.. But there's only one thing I do, no matter how hard he yell at me, I just keep on going with my way. Put an earphone to my ear, listen to music and nobody will be able to get a single respond from me, until I remove them. One more, I really furious when, the pak guard, calls us students " woi". That really pisses me off but, if he or she calls me "woi..", I just go on with what I do until they call me correctly. Besides, who give a damn about how they feel anyway...