Monday, April 27, 2009

Holiday despite the exam hall

i need a holiday, i mean a very long holiday..i'm tired with all these shits~~assignments, people and environment..yes, tomorrow is my final paper, Structure of English(syntax), which i repeat because of falling it last semester.. i got D, very solid D, thanks Mrs. Nazira for giving me this..since falling a paper starts at C-, D is absolutely a Damn Dumbass Donkey(DDD)..but, i ain't regret for what i did last semester but i was given the second chance to repair my result..


reality, i was an extender and repeater..did learn from my mistakes?? ~~i thought i was but it seems that it says otherwise..arghh...

i don't blame the lecturer for my foolish result, i blame myself for any wrong doing..i try to learn from my OWN and others' mistake but you can see me coming late to the class and make trouble with most of the lecturer...i ask myself the word WHY?? why is a very huge, general, and carries lots of explanation of word..

well, see the title again..i went to Malacca after finishing Educational Psychology, which was a hell on earth(damn, i cant answer any of the questions).. being so stressed, i chose "escapism"~~a holiday..i don't take drugs nor alcohol as an escape but cigarette is a must..i went to Malacca for a short holiday..i picked Gunung Ledang as a place of comfort, peace, and was awesome! the cold, the fish, the calm, the air, the setting were making me forget about how cruel life is, even just a moment..yes, i did visit several other places in Malacca and after one and the half years (where the last time i was part-3 in Pre-Deg), things have change rapidly here..haha, i look like a travel agent advertising Zoom Malaysia or something but who damn cares?? i like Malacca and have lots of wonderful memories years ago..

i'm back now to Shah Alam and so lazy to study syntax...argghh, i don't want to repeat it again...honestly....i think writing this post in express of my laziness to!

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  1. selamat berjuang utk kali ini, dah jgn repeat2 lg, ok?