Wednesday, August 5, 2009

why tickets always gone??

malaysia is gifted with a lot of holidays. i love it~~one (or maybe the only) of the good things to live in malaysia..useless to mention it because we are all aware of it..the anticipation of these holidays means a thing: people hysterically rushing to their hometown with madness..put aside the responsibilities, tasks, assignments, jobs for one thing people love the most~holiday..

they don't give a shit about that, not even about the money, time, and energy just to get themselves be at home..furthermore, they are willingly to jeopardize their own can read in every newspaper, heard in every radio station, seen in every television channel about death on the road during the festive season..perhaps, when foreign people see how lunatic the malaysian people really are, they will be either laughing or slapping their faces twice..

i experienced with own body and soul stuck in this madness. a journey where usually takes about 6 hours can become a half-damn-day journey. it is not a myth where big cities like KL becoming a hollow dead town during festive season..some say you can even have a picnic on the highway where during normal days it is a hell on earth..

in this madness, who are going to make the most profit? it definitely without doubt is going to petrol station, bus owner, and tony fernandes..make it simple, tickets are all gone and sold out right after the counter is open..then, comes the government to so-called rescue by saying there will be enough bus for the festive and what not. the reality is, there always not enough bus. the price of every public transportation will skyrocket to the sky..see below..

well, tickets are always gone in a blink of an eye..

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