Sunday, July 12, 2009

khutbah tabligh authorized....

while i was writing "when death accepted as sacrifice"....and that where the story begins..allow me to tell you in BM and DK(dialect kelate) since these two languages were used during the drama....

TEMPAT: rumah teres no.66 jalan tukas 18/34, seksyen 18, shah alam

MASA: pukul 8 malam,

CUACA: agak gelap dan suram cahayanya

WATAK-WATAK(...ini bukan nama sebenar demi menjaga sensitiviti dan privasi watak watak... ):



karim sedang sibuk menaip blognya, lalu bob datang ke bilik karim dengan segulung akhbar lama dan expresi muka cuak dan macam kencing xpuas..

bob: wei, ado sek tabligh la luwa,
bob: pahtu,gano ni??mu tubek etek r, gi sale lah dulu nga sek2 dio
karim: wei, aku paka boxer jah ni, cekak no g sepa taye perut dio, tu paka boxer sajo guano kiro nok g jupo nga sek tabligh,
bob: mu tubek r deh g jupo meta pown xpo...
karim: ho lah, aku tubek r..nok smaye meta (cross finger)
bob: aku nok g toilet ni meta,sakik peruk gilo make kuwe ti yau abe ning takdi
karim: ikut mu la..

bob pown keluar dari bilik karim dengan hati hampa kerana tahu karim xkan keluar.karim mengunci biliknya.

bob: kalil, mu g r dulu tubek sbb aku sakik peruk ni
kalil: ok2, tp cepat sket r

bob mengambil masa yg lama utk keluar. eventually, dia keluar jgk dengan memakai kopiah dan berkain pelikat sambil membilang biji tasbih dari neneknya..

bob: assalamualaikum
tabligh1,2,3: waalaikummusalam wbt..

meraka berbincang-bincang tentang tabligh..


karim duduk dalam bilik sambil memakan chicken floss yg enak..bob mengetuk pintu..

bob: bakpo mu tubek?eiii,nate nih, aku redah piyak nga woh sebbeh ni bari reti baso taik ni...
karim: doh nok wak gano kawe dok make floss aye ni cekak nok tubek bagi 5 ore nah..


moral of the story, jgn anggap bob tidak boleh menjadi seorang tabligh..pintu taubat sentiasa terbuka kecuali orang-orang sesat yang cuba menutup pintu itu.....renung renungkanlah...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

when death accepted as sacrifice...

sacrifice is a culture, tradition and custom in almost every religion practice by the human beings..there's no need to tell that Islam has sacrifice culture which is Qurban, where the Muslims slaughtered four-legged animals during Hari Raya Qurban...

nevertheless, death of the cows, camels, goats, and buffaloes are for religious purposes..well, that is not the case this post meant to be..when death accepted as norm, the life, literally, means valueless..i'm not talking about HIV, AIDS, dengue, swine flu but......ROAD ACCIDENTS........

we are living in age where life get killed in the road is nothing..accidents happen almost every minutes..wait, before i write any further, this topic is discussed countless time before. i'll bet you all know about it but just suddenly triggered to write about this abnormal accepted as normal environment..

i don't know about you, but i have seen more than 10 people died on road accident well of course i watched it wasn't interesting experience but rather nightmare hunted me down at night..honestly, with these bloody experiences taught me how road, symbolizes as connection, people's facilities, to move from one to another, is ironically, kills almost 7000 lives every single year and it's rising every year...those lives value more than anything than this world rather than end up their lives on the damn road...

let's talk about number here..approximately, 18 people die everyday, and those people are not even in the news unless there a freak and terrible years move by, people are using more cars and sadly to say most malaysian driver are the worst driver on the planet..everybody can drive but not everyone can drive well..

there's something wrong about this country..i'll tell you what, this country need to be restructured from basic..improve public transport, practical and no bureaucracy + corruption in getting a license...well, i let you all think this from your own perspective..

p/s: irony of this post, i have driven both car and motorcycles since form 3 through peninsular,from south to north,west to east, but, i have no valid license...weird??
p/s: this post is critical-thinking...don't just read but think
p/s: click to this link for more interesting story..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

raise your hands to the God, my brothers

i must confess, two months of enjoyable holiday was tremendously peaceful. i don't have internet connectivity, for heaven a matter of fact, my father used my laptop ever since on the very first day i back home..


basically, talking about my holiday or your holiday is absolutely bored to ear..but, during the holiday, ideas were popping from my brain desperate to put in the blog..pity..nevertheless, it is quite strange when my hands start to dance on the face of the black keyboard, the idea-less mind consumes the brain~~rusty old brain~~as always. making my fingers fall before it starts to dance..bangun jariku, bangunlah wahai jari ku...

back on running on the same damn business......

frankly speaking, my house was entered by the so-called desparado and guess what, with billions of dollar worth of equipment, they (because this was not a job for a single man) took without the dignity my dvd player and a 21 inches tv..damn it for crying out loud! the culprits were totally un-pro and in a bit rush~~based on Detective Conan's perspective..i curse them since they were born in this world..

the meaning of the title is not asking you to pray to God asking for revenge blows to the culprits but rather asking for protection and rahmat put towards us..told to my heart to accept this with an open heart~~redha..blessing in disguise..

oh wait...i need to tell you this, bear it in minds..the black bruises on my forehead are the sign of the true servant of God and not, i repeat not because of terhantuk kepala pada meja..ok, i hope that is clear enough. stop asking about my bruises!

p/s: so much for blessing in disguise after all....haha
p/s: did not satisfied with this ridiculous post...