Monday, April 20, 2009

oopss.....i dropped phonetics!

yes, i dropped phonetics..quite a decision eh? very smart decision, indeed..i repeat syntax coz, of course, i failed the paper last semester..damn! i think i am the only person from my batch who dropped phonetics~~don't think others are crazy enough to drop the subject..well, i know this round or another, i will going to take phonetics next semester..

people keep on asking, telling, giving information about the subject...wake up guys! i dropped the subject many times i need to tell you about this?? len kali makan buah zaitun n kurma byk2...however, moment ago, thing happens that make me slapping my forehead, (da pening da sampai), one of my freinds send me a piece of SMS, a jokes perhaps, to wish her friends a good luck in the exam...but,aaah, i ain't sitting any paper tommorow..below is the message:

Congratulations! Good news for all UiTM students, FINAL EXAM have been cancelled in this sem. To confirm, kindly log on to www.stopdreaming&!!

Very good fact, is it really there the stated website on internet?? hell no..simply click the stated website for guys are very funny! however, it is a good jokes!

erm, i have something stuck in my you think i was taking the right decision dropping the phonetics, a three credits hour subject?? sure you will doubt about know i'm damn lazy and lambat-pergi-kelas person..but, i think it was the best for me and definitely not for you..but, i can't simply say it will going to be an easy day next semester..with PTE (Payah Tahap Epilapsi) and other veracious subjects to come, it really make me sit behind desk and scratch my head..

but, i'll try to stand the volcanic larva next semester, face the consequences of dropping paper, be the man...berani buat berani tanggung r..


i am standing between the Devil and the deep blue sea (i know u hate this line usop)..hope all the best for all of us except you and me are different..sitting in the goblet of fire..

p/s: rebah di tikar sejadah sujud meminta keampunan dan pertolongan dari-Nya...amin..


  1. Hahahaha~

    Must I pay for the advertisement slot ?
    Here's the deal. you'll get something if it ever bears fruit.

    Which probably, it will never do. =]

  2. well, u do not need to pay, just buy me a cigar everytime people click on that link??how's that??sound very good to me..

  3. Waaaa !!!! sori bro.. I cannot comply to such request. My wallet says NO.

    Just because they clicked, it doesn't mean they read and commented.

    right ??