Saturday, July 11, 2009

when death accepted as sacrifice...

sacrifice is a culture, tradition and custom in almost every religion practice by the human beings..there's no need to tell that Islam has sacrifice culture which is Qurban, where the Muslims slaughtered four-legged animals during Hari Raya Qurban...

nevertheless, death of the cows, camels, goats, and buffaloes are for religious purposes..well, that is not the case this post meant to be..when death accepted as norm, the life, literally, means valueless..i'm not talking about HIV, AIDS, dengue, swine flu but......ROAD ACCIDENTS........

we are living in age where life get killed in the road is nothing..accidents happen almost every minutes..wait, before i write any further, this topic is discussed countless time before. i'll bet you all know about it but just suddenly triggered to write about this abnormal accepted as normal environment..

i don't know about you, but i have seen more than 10 people died on road accident well of course i watched it wasn't interesting experience but rather nightmare hunted me down at night..honestly, with these bloody experiences taught me how road, symbolizes as connection, people's facilities, to move from one to another, is ironically, kills almost 7000 lives every single year and it's rising every year...those lives value more than anything than this world rather than end up their lives on the damn road...

let's talk about number here..approximately, 18 people die everyday, and those people are not even in the news unless there a freak and terrible years move by, people are using more cars and sadly to say most malaysian driver are the worst driver on the planet..everybody can drive but not everyone can drive well..

there's something wrong about this country..i'll tell you what, this country need to be restructured from basic..improve public transport, practical and no bureaucracy + corruption in getting a license...well, i let you all think this from your own perspective..

p/s: irony of this post, i have driven both car and motorcycles since form 3 through peninsular,from south to north,west to east, but, i have no valid license...weird??
p/s: this post is critical-thinking...don't just read but think
p/s: click to this link for more interesting story..


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  2. alaa...this is from mr Kieran's class, i know it too well...