Thursday, April 2, 2009

when hell closes it doors shut

she just remind me of my old days, days in school where teachers hold total domination and rule under veracious administration..hell!

i really want to take picture of my beloved~(damn)~ mandarin laoshi(teacher) but it just not simply can take picture just like that especially, whenever you see her, APPROACH WITH CAUTION....i rather take a picture of tiger and lion (of course in zoo) rather than dare to stand in front of her and snap the picture..

she is andartu. and it stands for Anak Dara yang xbley jd Menantu! hahaha...she and other andartu(s) feel they are belong to nobody and seriously, can't have sex, and release their wrath to their students...i am the one (as always) be her punching bag..shit!

There shits happent in her class today:

1- Listening test dia mcm sial..the speakers in the cd are chinese~~pure blooded chinese~~and damn, i can't understand the speeding igt aku ore cino ko nok pehe kecek laju tumo lagu tuh..then, any suggestion for me what to do??tembak je la smua and never hit any targeted area! Crapt Crapt Crapt...Luckily my writing test went a little bit smoother..thank God!

2- In the middle of the writing test, came a lady in anxious, seems that something had clouded her mind..selambe dia ja masuk klas mcm tu. her eyes moved here and there and baru la ask for permission from the laoshi..she was looking for her car keys. pity!!but, her mind was under Panically Traumatised Behavior, and she,shockingly, looked under my table..da la aku tgh test..what are you looking, young lady? there nothing under the table..was she looking for the car keys or looking for something else??argh..hell no..when your mind stress with mandarin writing test, you tend to think shits!! but, i wonder if the lady can left her br**st at home, would she left it?? how come you can lost your car keys??

3- I was the last person leaving the class and when i submitted my writing paper, laoshi called me and expressed her I-BOOK-THE-HELL statement:

~~~"Afnan, here is your marks, 20.1 out 40, you just lucky you are slightly pass!"~~~

Damn! 20.1 out 40..if you rounding the score, i will get just my marks can have point one?is it little be odd? is it just me or she the one who count it wrong??

Well, it is over now..and i glad i survive one semester with her class and there is only one more class to go and the next class just watch the role-play made from her students including me~~~~argghhh!

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  1. ko ingat ko sorg je ke takot? aku ni tahap stress tiap2 kali masuk clas dia,,ada time dia certita2 pasal dia jalan2 la time student n p jepun tu,,gila peramah,,aku pon nek takot,,nak respon sgt pon x berani,,huh~ akhirnya,,sem depan ada lagi ya,,mgkin dia gak yg ajar,,hahaha