Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ke-gem-bi-ra-an Menghisap Rokok

no no no...i rather starve to the death rather than not to smoke..people (those who are not smoke) keeping tellin' me even countless of saliva poured to my face and without a second of giving up to stop smoking...watafak! i'm telling you as long as money in my pocket, i will smoke~~my one and only igniter to keep my brain works like a well-oiled-machine..i don't give a shit! i know the hazard of fact, every time i pull out a cigar from the box, there a big-ugly-stupid and i-want-to-puke-2-your-face-twice double sided picture printed on the cover of the box...see the below picture, but don't puke coz i will...

stop telling me to stop smoking. i don't even use a single cent of your bapak's money..i know your concern but let me tell you this:

Smokers will always reject anti-smoking campaign and advice

don't you think where the government got all the money to run this country? it comes from the the taxpayers money--smokers' money~~my money..i do my part in developing the country, everyday..what is your contribution to the country ha?? please, see the benefit of smoking from hidden perspective. it may seems to be hazard but it carries a greater good to us...

i hope that no more advise from anybody to quit smoking..da naik muak sangat dah..don't you have better thing to do..i accept any critics, comments, advices but not telling me to stop smoking..but, i URGE you to pull out a cigar and ignite it and feel it to believe it..TASTING IS BELIEVING!

p/s: smoking while writing this blog.

p/s: long live all smokers in the world..



  1. klu lah smgt mu menentang org2 y srh mu stop smoking same dgn smgt mu menentang kemalasan u belajar..kan bgs~~~~eehhehehhe

  2. Now Why would those people keep telling you that ?
    Because they care.

    Or do you think they did that because they hate you ?? No, right.

    Oho !! SO smoking develops our country.. In a way. That's one hell of a theory, If U ask me.. Haha..

  3. to aina:
    really hope to have that spirit to fight my laziness, procrastination, betak sembak (slow@late comer)..

    to usop:
    (a) 1st line= i already mentioned it in the post above
    (b) 2nd line= yes, i know it but concernity has it limitation
    (c) 3rd line= it's not a theory, but it's a reality you have to accept..the government is taking 120% tax from a box of cigar..u do the math..this country will not be as prosperous as this if without the help of the smokers..

    it's up to you to accept the truth, fact, and reality or spit back the the it or not, that is it..

    don't use lies the cover the truth...

  4. Heheh. =)

    So what if government takes 120% ??

    Cars from overseas have 200% tax on them (especially sports and luxurious ones). Oh, and they have this huge difference in price as well.


    But, that is only on the financial perspective. To truly develop a country, we can't rely solely on money. There are things called social development, right.

    So you want ALL malaysians to walk by smoking, filling up hospitals and contributing to air pollution, Just so that the Malaysian government have a lot of money to build roads.


    Not to mention in the religious point of view.

    And whats with the "concernity has it limitation" stuff. Are you kidding me ?? These people are not OVERLY concerned. Its NOT like they're reminding you on a regular basis, eg: for each and every hour.


    Ok, So be it. At least I've done my part. Still got a lot of things to argue, But nevermind.

    There rest is on you now.
    May peace be upon you, Pene~

  5. i'll ask you back..yes in that point of view, cars excise duty percentage cost more..but, is it people buying 2 millions of cars everyday??absolutely is the fact: tax from cars just less than 3 billions per year but the cigaretes contribute to the government 10 billions per year...see the difference..

    yes, it's social development, but who is going to pay for education,health,safety, and military purposes? money who runs the country! without it, we can't even have a hospital to provide healthcare to the people...

    seriously, it's fun to argue such (as this topic about) fact, i was using this topic


    well, have anything more to argue about this??bring it on,baby....

  6. Nah, U keep thinking that way..
    There is no need to waste my time, and yours as well.. right..

    Like I said, I've done my part.. It seems my efforts have gone far enough..

    its rather unfortunate.. but still, your choice..

  7. hehe, kalaw aku tulis, i hope u die of lung cancer bleh ke? men2 jela, i know how hard it is, belive me i know~

  8. i m with usop la pene....yes, smoking is ur rite though...but have u heard bout, "better keep ur hands down if u wrongdoer"...
    both in civil n islamic law have denied to smokers...n for ur info, selangor mufti has decided to state smoking is haram in selangor. better u go out of selangor n smoke till u drop.
    to pene with love, aku x marah pon kalu mu smoking...but...sayangilah diri anda kerana Allah menyayangi hambaNya yg menyayangi diri sndiri...

  9. weh2...gamba tu aku yang edit! hahaha

  10. bagus2....syabas2...
    isak la banyok lagi...
    isak sapa mapuh...

  11. Betul tu badol.. isak biar mapuh.. Keno 5 5 pyakit ado kat kotok tu baru A++++++++++++