Thursday, March 26, 2009

My first!

On this peaceful evening, my brain triggered me to write my blog--my first ever blog i ever written. it seems that all my friends have a least, i have place to share my thought and views. i don't care if nobody wants to read my blog coz i just simply want to write..before this, i always think that people writing diaries are living in their own world and sharing their life into words and the words into books or diaries but aaah, i am totally wrong!

F.Y.I, the man who switch me on for the blog is bruda bear (thanks buddy)..i like to read his blog and read other blogs because i can see many thing through words.

before i go any further, you, the reader out there and view this blog, are hereby are agree to:

If any pictures that have your face and anything that related to you or to those who you know, be proud and we are really sorry for any inconvenience caused..there is no copyright for any picture, videos or thought,please dont sue me! remember it's just for the sake of entertaiment..If you view this blog, and hereby that you are agree with all terms and regulations and you dont have the right to sue us or whatsoever that can harm me and anybody that have the connection with this profile...

Some of my friends are betting that i will not post anything for the blog after ten blogs i post (pehe ke dok ni?). but, as long as my eyes can see, as long as my hand can dance, and as long as my mind do it magic,,,i will write the blog..



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