Thursday, December 30, 2010

Congratulation Malaysia

Please allow me to apologize for not continuing the second part of my previous post. I have better thing to share. The second part can wait. This post is dedicated to Malaysian football team for their glorious victory in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. Malaysian team never get this amount of deposit of trust and support from their own citizen. They don't even bother before. And I was, shamefully, one of them.

After the glorious days of Mokhtar Dahari and his fellow legendary teammates which I honestly don't remember let alone to recognize them, there was no rainbow to carve the sky but darkness prevailed. Before this, Khairul Fahmi was nobody to most Malaysian. His Chinese-look only recognized by the Kelantan FC die hard fans. Today, he is trending worldwide.

AFF Suzuki Cup is obviously no World Cup championship. But, we know our roots, we understand the roof, we swallow our branches, thus, this cup is world cup for ASEAN teams. The Malaysian team crawled slowly without much attention and hype both from the media and local fans. Yet, they managed to kiss that cup successfully.

Indonesian can't accept to be beaten down by the Malaysia team. They overdosed of worshiping of their football team. Their media is not like here. Chanting words of encouragement are 2/3 of the Indonesian media network. In fact, they ridiculously put their team on air with live coverage just showing their team to departure for their flights. Pity.

Well, this victory will obviously a vital turning point to cultivate the spirit and the good environment for football industry right here in Malaysia to flourish and expand to higher level and repeat the history of those glorious days. One more thing, it also shut and seal the mouth of some Malaysian for insulting the Malaysian team. Now, citizen of Malaysia have faith in you. Go and make us proud to be called Malaysian.

Honestly, I'm touched with the victory. It's so sweet! Congratulation Malaysia.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Days of 2010 (Part 1)

365 days in a year and i have a few days before 2010 closes its curtain. Honestly, during this holiday break, I lost my sense of date and day. Most of the time, I couldn't retrieve the date and even the name of the day. It's simply because I just don't care and let the time moves by itself. I have nothing to rush, nothing to run, and clearly I have a lot of time to be killed. To be honest, I enjoy killing the time which previously that the time was the one who killed me!

Well, it seems that many people keep on posting their new year resolutions and what not. But, I won't do that. It's plain rubbish. Yes, all my previous resolutions were buried below the floor of hell. Nevertheless, 2010 is one the best years I ever had. I took quite a moment to think about the best thing happened in this year. It just pop-out from the rusty brain that it can't be missed with the worse thing as well.

Best Things/Moment of 2010 (Not In Chronological Order):

1. RM13,000 in my saving account.
-- I never had such amount of money before. Never. Maybe I was just lucky. I was lucky enough to get scholarship plus PTPTN loan at the same time. I already terminated the PTPTN after I get confirmation regarding of my scholarship. Yet, as you all known, PTPTN is simply one of the examples of government's poor services. They are blind enough to overlook my form of termination and let the money cashing in into my account. It's not a free cash but it's worth it to have an extra debt in my pocket.

2. Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Perhentian, Southern Thailand Escapee
-- Pangkor isn't the best island i ever visited but banana boat was simply a jaw-dropping experience. It's literally make your jaw drops. I am bit of adrenalin-junky except riding with Cipet. Moving with a very small kapchai and a speed of 180kmh was a death-is-an-inch-away experience. Pulau Pangkor had a moment for me to remember and I got a nickname from it--Mr.Pulau Cinta. On the other hand, Pulau Perhentian is the best island I ever visited. With spectacular panorama and enjoying its majestic beauty plus the naked Westerners make it a must go destination before you die. I went to Southern Thailand to shop until I drop--literally.

3. Yamaha Legenda 110 ZR
-- Transportation is the one of the crucial needs of human development. It's not just needs but a compulsory necessity. I was born with wooden spoon and motorcycle is the only mean of transportation I can afford other than bicycle. It's the best thing because I got it free as a gift from my sister and buying it was among the best moments because the taukeh taught that I just come by to his outlet surveying and I deliberately wore seasoned clothing with 6K in my pocket.

4. Winning Two Contests
-- I won two 5 stars hotel vouchers. Both in NST Travel & Time contest consecutively. It's not far to get an idea to win the contest. One was from nasi lemak stall in front of my house and one from the the picture I stole from Mira's facebook photos. With some magical hands on the keyboard of the wordsmith, I won the contests.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Raya Card is Gone!

Hari Raya is near. We all gearing up for that special day. Curtain is changed, furniture is replaced, and house is cleaned up. The Hari Raya songs echo in almost every entertainment channel in one's home. We are celebrating it. Hari Raya is so anticipated in Islamic calender. The beauty of Hari Raya is not just the delicacies and the togetherness of the people but the anticipation of it. The preparation IS the festival. It's a very beautiful preparation. The togetherness of buying things, changing things, cooking delicacies are everything in every Muslims' heart. After all, Hari Raya is about unity, togetherness and forgiveness.

With all these beautiful preparations, we are actually missing one heritage. Raya cards. Yes, we are missing this beautiful heritage, at least I missed it. I have nothing to blame but to point my finger to technology. It bites every chunk of people tradition and custom. Don't tell me how technology enhances people's lives, we are all aware the existence of technology does improve humans lives. With all social networking websites, SMS, and MMS, it has burying the Raya cards to the ground. I still remember those days where I competed with my siblings and friends to get the most Raya cards but eventually I got the least or worse, freaking none. Even if I had one, it's from my aunties and it was not specially dedicated to me alone but to whole siblings of mine. Only one or two lines written for me which was usually an advice telling me not to play with firecrackers. Ah yes, advice is advice, I didn't play with firecrackers but I did burn firecrackers. These were two different meanings, no matter what you might say. Every year, my father will always win because he got the most cards but we didn't recognize his winning because he got it all from his business counterparts. There was no authenticity in all his cards.

It was once a tradition that people will hang their Raya cards during Hari Raya. Some even have the same height of a giraffe hanged from the roof to the floor. I saw no reasons why people were doing so other than showing off their glamorousness that they were so famous because they got abundant of Raya cards. What the hell? If that was a way to judge one's popularity, then Tiger Woods will hang his Christmas cards from the Moon. It was a silly tradition but nevertheless it was one of the stupidities in Malayan culture that I honestly missed to watch it once again.

I think I am not the only one who misses the authentic of Raya cards, because the business of post office that was once a booming industry now dull and empty. Now, it all gone. Gone by the wind. Gone by the civilization and modernization. I remember the good old days where Raya cards were the representatives rather than tagged pictures. Huh, talking about aesthetic and authentic values, now it's gone.

p/s: I missed that Raya cards that will play the music once you open the card.
p/s: Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Forgive me with all my wrong doings either verbally, mentally or physical behaviour. I honestly am. Sorry for using technology to deliver my wish instead of cards. Well, life is ironic.

Friday, August 20, 2010

An Afternoon In Front of Dentist Rooms

I went to Pusat Kesihatan UiTM yesterday afternoon. The agonizing injury on my right foot forces me to go there. I can't bear the pain any longer. Well, after all those procedures, I waited in front of pharmacy counter to get medicines. It actually side by side with the dentist rooms. While waiting for my number to be called, I was wondering that they were a few people waiting for oral treatment. I know toothache is an unbearable pain but to do it in the daylight during fasting month is quite amazing. Correct me I am wrong because I think if you put something inside your mouth is consider as 'makhruh'.

Well, there's just a thought.

The sound came out from dentist rooms was freaking horrible. Honestly, I used to hate dentists. In fact, I really cursed them and I assumed that all dentists in the world broke loose from hell to give torment to young children. Besides fighting, playing sand and soil, and other regular stuff played by kampung boy like me, meeting a dentist was a common thing. As a matter of fact, the frequency of going there made me remember the furious nurse, the bored receptionist and even the cleaner mocked me because I did spit blood on the floor. She mopped, I spat. She mocked, I spat again. That's how much I hate going to go to dental clinic.

I had a very poor tooth set. Bacteria made holes from inside out of my teeth. I love to fertilize them with sugar. They grew fat and stubborn. My mouth was so bacteria safe haven. What can I say, sweet tooth is initial part of sweet smile. Due to my regularity towards dental treatment, I know so many terms about dentistry. Take this as an example, many people call wired-steel teeth as braces, but in dentist term, it called orthodontic--another word from hell.

People have phobia with clown and I have a phobia with dentist. No matter how beautiful they talk, no matter how pretty their eyes, they are still dentists. Metaphorically they punch your teeth. Do not believe them when they spoon feed you with bullshit by saying it has no pain. Nonetheless, to all wonderful dentists out there, now, I believe you are wonderful creatures. I honestly thank them for making my teeth healthy and strong. Currently, I have no tooth problem and it is perfectly healthy. I believe beauty does come from pain. I really am.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crown of Clown

People always portray me as an exaggerating fat douchebag. Well, we can't run from exaggerating things that surround us. We can't. We make things look much better or worse than it actually is. It's part of our lives. Yeah, maybe I am bit obvious compared to other normal people, because I do exaggerating almost on regular basis. It's fun. Why do we need to be serious at all times? Please, be human. It's not hard to carve a smile to one's own beautiful mouth. I may look silly but i am not most men.

Objective for above statement? When it comes too serious, I will not be the man of clown. It all started one week ago. I played futsal. Played as a goalkeeper--position people hate the most. Nothing more deadly after snake's venom, is becoming a goalkeeper. You are as good as dead. But, as a man, I stood up and slapped all the barriers and challenges of goalkeeping needs just to swallow my fear. I signed the position. Given to me from my predecessor and a blessing to me to jump into the cruelty of futsal. I was literally at mercy of people's feet. Wait, am I exaggerating here?

Continue, long story short, while I was rushing to opponent's striker to narrow the angle of shooting possibilities, I mistakenly fell on my of ankle. Instantly, my mouth shouted, gasping for life. It felt like your feet were hit by a train. Amazingly, many people thought I just pulling everyone's leg, figuratively. I didn't have time to pull your hairy legs. It was undeniably literally frankly torment!

But, I got two lessons here:
a. If you don't know the techniques in goalkeeping skills, don't pretend to be one.
b. Once people sticking the crown of clown on your head, your actions accepted as a joke first, then to its literally meaning.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ayam Percik Ada Kalanya Jadi Pahit

Sikap mengambil mudah tentang sesuatu perkara amatlah satu tindakan manusia yang sangat di tegah. Kita mendengar kata-kata ini hampir setiap hari dan kita tahu ini bukan cara yang baik untuk menguruskan hidup ini yang penuh dengan duri yang akan sentiasa mencucuk daging daging. Walaubagaimanapun, kata-kata ini terus di bedil dan ditaburkan sehingga telinga ini bergegar rancak, namun adakah kita betul betul tidak memandang sesuatu dengan mudah?

Saya ajukan soalan ini kerana saya sendiri memang mengambil mudah tentang banyak perkara. Masalah bukan untuk kita lari, tapi menempuhinya dengan kebijaksanaan yang di anugerahkan tuhan. Saya tidak lari dari masalah saya, cuma saya bukan seorang pelari pecut yang baik. Lemak yang melingkari badan ini menarik rebah diri saya lalu saya tersungkur menjilat tanah merah. Saya keliru. Saya memang keliru. Saya cuba untuk membetulkan diri ini setiap semester, namun, sikap saya ini merantai jiwa dan jasad sebelum saya sempat untuk mencapai potensi diri saya. Saya tidak bodoh tetapi sikap saya yang menelan diri sebelum saya sempat untuk mencapai potensi yang saya ada.

Menelan kepahitan hidup ini tidaklah mudah. Tetapi, menguyah kemanisan adalah tersangatlah senang sehingga kita alpa dan lalai menjalani hidup ini. Saya teringat kata kata lama, hidup ini bukanlah sekadar menuju ke sesuatu destinasi tetapi perjalanan untuk sampai ke destinasi itu. Ikhlasnya, saya marah dengar diri ini. Saya tahu saya ada otak yang baik seperti air yang mengalir di jeram, tapi nafsu, yang menjadi empangan menghalang pergerakan air itu.

Saya melihat ramai sahabat saya yang banyak mengambil mudah tentang hidup ini malah lebih teruk dari saya jangkakan. Tidak saya mahu ulaskan tentang mereka dalam mentadbir pelajaran, tapi hanya soal tanggungjawab seorang rakyat, seorang manusia, seorang insan. Hanya dua yang saya ingin kupaskan,pertama; tidak mendaftar sebagai pengundi. Adalah menjadi tanggungjawab setiap rakyat selepas berumur 21 tahun untuk mendaftar sebagai pengundi yang sah. Pelbagai alasan di lemparkan, antaranya;

a) aku benci politik
b) politik Malaysia di penuhi dengan sampah dan penipuan
c) tidak tahu parti mana yang patut di pilih.
d) satu undi aku tidak memberi apa apa kesan

Saya hairan kenapa ramai membenci politik kerana Islam ialah politik. Kerana politiklah satu satu negara dapat membangun maju, dan kerana politiklah, Empayar Rom, Han, Islam berkembang tamadunnya. Sedarlah, tanpa politik, manusia akan menjadi kucar kacir dan terus mundur. Alasan ke dua ada rasionalitinya. Memang, politik Malaysia di penuhi dengan rasuah dan penipuan, namun kita sebagai rakyat ada hak dan kuasa untuk mengubahnya.

Semua parti di Malaysia ada baik dan buruknya. Walaupun PAS adalah parti Islam, namun, manusia tidak boleh lari dari ketidaksempurnaan dan kecacatan. Saya tidak menyuruh untuk menyokong mana mana parti politik, namun gunalah kebijaksanaan dan pemerhatian anda dalam memilih parti terbaik untuk mentadbir negara. Alasan terakhir adalah alasan yang sangat lemah. Sama juga kalau berkata tidak ada masa untuk mendaftar. Satu undi memang tidak banyak memberi kesan tapi ia adalah menjadi tanggungjawab setiap rakyat.

Selain itu, kita suka mengambil mudah tentang kebersihan. Kita bercakap tentang teknologi hijau, kitar semula dan sebagainya, namun sejauh mana kita dalam menjaga alam sekitar. Sesungguhnya kita manusia memang tidak dapat lari dari mengambil mudah tentang perkara perkara di sekeliling kita walaupun kita sedar atau pun tidak.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stupidity in South Africa World Cup

People hate and love vuvuzela. It sounds louder than the locomotive passing behind your ears—127 decibels to be precise in one blow. This one dollar plastic with its monotone buzzing and disturbing not just affecting the players and the people inside the stadium but also the comfort of people watching the games worldwide. Ironically, even China failed to qualify to the world cup yet its existence felt everywhere—vuvuzela is fully tagged with Made in China sticker. Honestly, I really hate that vuvuzela but it’s just one of the colors (or sound) that makes this world cup unique. Apparently, vuvuzela is rapidly becoming a world pandemic across the globe.

The Jabulani plays a vital role in fertilizing controversial surrounding. It was claimed to be the most perfect ball ever made. Its aerodynamic supposes to make the ball to have soul and has its own mind. You can’t put souls into object and if you do, that would end up in misery and total chaotic. The ball is sown from inside out to ensure the ball is perfectly round. It turns out the ball is very hard to control, maneuver and absolutely unpredictable. That what will happen if you put souls into that bloody ball. This ball is total nightmare to striker and to goalkeeper as well especially Robert Green. The ghost of memory will always embrace him for the rest of his life. Fabio Capello hates it, players mock it, and Christiano Ronaldo failed his magic. So much to blame to the ball for their failures.

Eventually, in all world cup games have one thing for sure for people to mock—the resistance of FIFA in allowing technology to enter the pitch which I find it very amusing. The explanation thrown from this organization is; the third world countries do not have the facilities of such technology to make it available. For crying out loud, other top games in the world such as golf, tennis, as well as Olympic Games allow the technology but why on earth the greatest tournament in the world is forbidden from using the technology. Come on you old stupid half-bald Sepp Blater! You live in a wrong age. Yes, I am bit disappointed with the referees and linesmen. They are the ultimate decision makers on the pitch and none can ever tremble that role. Nonetheless, to make referee is out from variables of the game play, they must be helped with technologies. Seriously, I pity Frank Lampard and his rusty team for that disallowed goal. Perhaps the honest answer from Sepp Blater would most probably; SHIT DOES HAPPEN!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunset of World Cup

Double meanings perhaps of above title. Yes, it’s over and I feel empty. I am like a stallion who was very happy with cheering, jumping, and running here and there but after that I am back to the boring and dark stable. After all those dramatic, dull, and excruciating matches, the life is crawling back to haunt you down. We have had paused our lives for a month to watch this greatest tournament in the world. Forget your problems and spit out the bitterness of mortality and scream your lungs out until no air to breath anymore. Who cares if you come to class, to office, with eye bags hanging under your eyes? Watching this game, really, make you human beings—honestly. Sadly, everything has its beginning would definitely has its end. World Cup has ended and life starts back.

Well, even the games really out of any pundits’ prediction except the Paul the Octopus oracle, I must say, this year world cup is acceptably bored. We have teams like Italy, France and England were playing the games like they play at their creepy schools’ fields. South Africa is the host nation and with all the hype and supporters from their own continent, yet, they have nothing but to compare with school boys soccer. Honestly, I pity them. Nevertheless, the flaming spirit of Asia for Asia can’t be turned off even with an ocean of water. I always pick and let my fingers cross whenever an Asian team played. I don’t know why but I am fond of to underdog teams. Yet, all of the Asian teams had failed to impress me in this World Cup. Perhaps, next world cup would promise me a better fortune. I know Asian teams won’t go far just yet. Even with my spirit and love towards Asian teams, I still vote for Spain and Argentina, which I predict (from the beginning) either of these teams to hold the golden cup but Spain comes first. Spain is very promising yet they were barely crawling to kiss that golden cup. Argentina, on the other hand, had disappointed me and I have no other reason but to blame Diego Maradona and the goal keeper. Enough said. It seems that I am a bit inconsistent because I love Asian teams but I place my bet toward non-Asian teams. It’s enough for me to say that inconsistency reflects my rationality.

World Cup this year was very unique. South Africa was the first African country to host the tournament even with all those speculations and doubts clouding the potential of this country, still they managed to host this game successfully. This game has provided thousands of jobs to the African people and tourism would be one of the country’s assets.

Good bye South Africa and waiting for the next world cup hosted by Brazil (team I hate the most). Viva Espana!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Be Amazed with Kuala Lipis (Part 2)

I guess my last line in the previous post was a total lie. It wasn’t a moment at all. Days to be precise. I need to become a thief of time for today’s post. Ah yes, one thing I didn’t lie is about to tell you the beauty of Kuala Lipis—a town where I constantly mocking it. Well, that’s the beauty of criticizing. You can argue from every angle to any perspective.

Straight to the point, the beauty of Kuala Lipis, is, its people. They are wonderful creature. Hospitality is best suit to describe the people of this town. I do not really know the exact dialect used by the people here because Pahang is one big state and it contains lots of culture in the perspective of the Malay culture itself. Either you may know or may not, Pahang has a lot of dialects. I mean, for example, people from Temerloh speak, pronounce, and construct sentence structure slightly different from people from other part of this state. However, people of Kuala Lipis switch their tongues to speak with me (a complete stranger and a fat Kelantanese boy) just to build the comfort and trust of the conversation. They were trying to speak Kelantanese dialect even it didn’t sound quite right but who cares. They showed me a great honor, modesty and respect. Usually, people who come from other places need to suit with the environment but it seemed here, in Kuala Lipis, that’s not a case. Unlike the old saying, here, you do not really to uphold the sky from the earth you stepped into.You can speak your mother tongue freely. Amazing.

Look at this picture below. What a place! Yes, it may look hollow and deserted but it was during daytime—where people rushing to fetch their children or crawling away from schools. Rush doesn’t exist here. People are cruising through the town without any hesitation. To me, this is a place where you can run from hustle and bustle of city life without throwing yourselves into some tiger and elephant infested jungle. Your mind will be as empty as blank paper.

The last beauty of Kuala Lipis perhaps the most beautiful of all was I hang out with my father. Is that a beauty moment? I guess yes, if you have a father like mine. We do talks, discuss, joke and laugh together but to lepak with your father only, and no one else, is a very rare occasion. World Cup is just a mere platform and excuse for him to get along with me—something he never did since my mother brought me to this God forsaken earth. I was astonished. Having just a simple lepak, with two glasses of iced tea, watching the greatest tournament in the world was simply marvelous. I can feel his acceptance as an adult and not a young boy. We talk nothing but criticizing the game and the projector. It was plain and ordinary daily conversation but it meant a world to me—an acceptance towards adulthood.

Kuala Lipis truly is an amazing town!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Be Amazed with Kuala Lipis (Part 1)

..What is Kerambit anyway?? Nice name, I like it though..

Some people find it very easy to amaze to certain things. Things amazed to one but ordinary to other. It actually depends to one’s perspective and internal cognitive thinking ability. Honestly, I don’t run very fast to catch up with amazing things but to tell you the truth Kuala Lipis is one literally amazing place. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to promote this hollow town but only to share my experience here and what this little town has done to make me amazed.

Well, if you haven’t heard this town before, you may google it but it’s just a small town that once the state capital of Pahang before they moved it to Kuantan. In fact, Siti Nurhaliza, Malaysian’s most adorable and well known singer came from here. Yes, Kuala Lipis is a historic town with all those ‘ancient’ landmarks and civilizations. Nonetheless, I rather doubt that UNESCO would choose this town as a world heritage. Enough said.

I went there with my family to send my little brother to his school. I have been there before several times for the same purpose (I don’t see other reason to be here). Let’s start with the basic need of life—the need to feed! I must say this place provides with a lots of un-scrumptious food. I’ve tried so many restaurants and countless of kedai makan and amazingly, none I repeat NONE of these food-provider outlet give something I can even eat of. I’m not really fastidious when it comes to food. I’m not Anthony Bourdain but rather Andrew Zimmern. He always said, “If it good, eats it”. Hell yes, but, I’m afraid the foods look not pretty let alone to be tasty. I know Kuala Lipis is geographically located in the middle of peninsular Malaysia, but it’s a rubbish excuse if you said you are lack of salt or salt shortage. Sugar shortage is common but salt? Come on! If you know where’s the best soup, or famous chicken rice, or crunchy turmeric grasshopper or anything that is good to eat, please let me know. I really mean it. I guess you will not find something to eat to your heart’s content here!

Honestly, my visit to Kuala Lipis is one hell of rare incident. Fever of Fifa World Cup is like a virus crawling through your vein; it affects your daily life. Your family, your work, your lives come to a stand halt because of this once-in-four-year-tournament. No, I will write about World Cup after it ends but not today. But here, World Cup doesn’t change anything. It’s like it doesn’t even exist! Weird, very weird indeed. I tried with my father looking all over this town to find a restaurant that has tv to show world cup matches—the hotel doesn’t provide my room with Astro. In desperately need of tv, we looked, we searched, we find the right spot. Yes, there are restaurants with tv but no Astro installed. Un-believe-able-ly, there is a kedai makan with 40’’ LCD tv with Astro installed to it, but amazingly, there’s no sport package! Hell yes that is one hell good marketing strategy if you ask me! No sport package! To add to my amazing moment’s list, we found a group of young men, around 20’, lepaking in bus stand, during the football match. Mengumpat pasal anak jiran Meon, Tipah, that her boobs are getting bigger, and talk about how to upgrade their motors when the pocket is kosong. I don’t know about your places, but, in my place, that is one rare moment. Finally, after all those hard works, we found it. Even it needs to look obtuse to see the match like when you go to pawnshop for mortgage. At least we made it to watch it.

I think I must stop now; the next part will be in a moment. I promise the next part would be the beauty of Kuala Lipis. Amazing!