Tuesday, March 31, 2009

we buy we throw

the title seems like a proverb and clearly, it is not..today, i saw a woman throw her goreng pisang. Goreng pisang is everybody's favorite. but, if she did not like goreng pisang, why should she bother to buy the goreng pisang after all??well. i can say that the goreng pisang was not tasty or there was a cockroach inside the banana,who knows?

but we can't simply throw all your shits everywhere. i hate people throwing rubbish~~they are some bunch of retards~~or perhaps BASTARDS might more suitable. what is wrong with their gifted hands?is it so hard to throw in the right place?argh, why? i wish that those who throw their shits everywhere will be put in the same hell as Firaun! serve the right!

one more thing, the women is a Muslim and wears tudung. she should knows better about keeping the environment clean and not to waste the rezeki given to her. dammit! how we want to make Islam to a better perspective to other people if things as simple as this they do not know?? they keep talking about others wrong doings but they the one who diverted from the right path..she should not waste her foods. keep it so she can eat it at another time..people all around the world is facing starvation and she, aahh, simply throw the food just like that..

below there is a video to remind us about the starvation. this video i made during pre degree in Malacca for one of the subject i took..

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