Sunday, April 19, 2009

sadis dan tragis

This is my tempat menyidai kain(TMK)~~place where i put my towel+sejadah..very scary and very very old school i must say, indeed..actually, TMK was originated from wardrobe, cloth wardrobe, you know, very cheap where you can buy in Mydin n Giant..but, after my ex-house located in S19 was ambushed and attacked by rabies mice and mutated cockroaches, they ate my green wardrobe alive! shit, it fell into pieces..

i can't threw the wardrobe just like that, at least, not all! so, i collected a few pieces of the batang of the wardrobe and my rusty brain triggered something else useful~~~~make a TMK ..

but, everything that stand will fall, so do my falls into pieces..shit, i need to wait next semester to have a real TMK--wooden TMK..i only have money that only enough to make my mouth smoking, other than that is BULLSHIT!!

This post is not to beg sympathy nor empathy from you, not even to attract Bersamamu, but just to express my feeling of my beloved TMK falls..huhu..arghh, too many things need to buy these days!


  1. hahha,,pene..kite serupe,,rmh aku ado jgk TMK tuh,,wapo kali dh rutuh,pase blk,rutuh blk,,xtaw sapa bilo,,

  2. hahah...aku ingat sapa je la komen,,tot upanya,,btol la tu,,kat umah aku,,tp ktorg guna je,,sendal sana sini ngan kusi n letak selotape byk2,,bley la tahan,,da ujung sem da pon,,huhuhu