Thursday, December 30, 2010

Congratulation Malaysia

Please allow me to apologize for not continuing the second part of my previous post. I have better thing to share. The second part can wait. This post is dedicated to Malaysian football team for their glorious victory in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. Malaysian team never get this amount of deposit of trust and support from their own citizen. They don't even bother before. And I was, shamefully, one of them.

After the glorious days of Mokhtar Dahari and his fellow legendary teammates which I honestly don't remember let alone to recognize them, there was no rainbow to carve the sky but darkness prevailed. Before this, Khairul Fahmi was nobody to most Malaysian. His Chinese-look only recognized by the Kelantan FC die hard fans. Today, he is trending worldwide.

AFF Suzuki Cup is obviously no World Cup championship. But, we know our roots, we understand the roof, we swallow our branches, thus, this cup is world cup for ASEAN teams. The Malaysian team crawled slowly without much attention and hype both from the media and local fans. Yet, they managed to kiss that cup successfully.

Indonesian can't accept to be beaten down by the Malaysia team. They overdosed of worshiping of their football team. Their media is not like here. Chanting words of encouragement are 2/3 of the Indonesian media network. In fact, they ridiculously put their team on air with live coverage just showing their team to departure for their flights. Pity.

Well, this victory will obviously a vital turning point to cultivate the spirit and the good environment for football industry right here in Malaysia to flourish and expand to higher level and repeat the history of those glorious days. One more thing, it also shut and seal the mouth of some Malaysian for insulting the Malaysian team. Now, citizen of Malaysia have faith in you. Go and make us proud to be called Malaysian.

Honestly, I'm touched with the victory. It's so sweet! Congratulation Malaysia.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Days of 2010 (Part 1)

365 days in a year and i have a few days before 2010 closes its curtain. Honestly, during this holiday break, I lost my sense of date and day. Most of the time, I couldn't retrieve the date and even the name of the day. It's simply because I just don't care and let the time moves by itself. I have nothing to rush, nothing to run, and clearly I have a lot of time to be killed. To be honest, I enjoy killing the time which previously that the time was the one who killed me!

Well, it seems that many people keep on posting their new year resolutions and what not. But, I won't do that. It's plain rubbish. Yes, all my previous resolutions were buried below the floor of hell. Nevertheless, 2010 is one the best years I ever had. I took quite a moment to think about the best thing happened in this year. It just pop-out from the rusty brain that it can't be missed with the worse thing as well.

Best Things/Moment of 2010 (Not In Chronological Order):

1. RM13,000 in my saving account.
-- I never had such amount of money before. Never. Maybe I was just lucky. I was lucky enough to get scholarship plus PTPTN loan at the same time. I already terminated the PTPTN after I get confirmation regarding of my scholarship. Yet, as you all known, PTPTN is simply one of the examples of government's poor services. They are blind enough to overlook my form of termination and let the money cashing in into my account. It's not a free cash but it's worth it to have an extra debt in my pocket.

2. Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Perhentian, Southern Thailand Escapee
-- Pangkor isn't the best island i ever visited but banana boat was simply a jaw-dropping experience. It's literally make your jaw drops. I am bit of adrenalin-junky except riding with Cipet. Moving with a very small kapchai and a speed of 180kmh was a death-is-an-inch-away experience. Pulau Pangkor had a moment for me to remember and I got a nickname from it--Mr.Pulau Cinta. On the other hand, Pulau Perhentian is the best island I ever visited. With spectacular panorama and enjoying its majestic beauty plus the naked Westerners make it a must go destination before you die. I went to Southern Thailand to shop until I drop--literally.

3. Yamaha Legenda 110 ZR
-- Transportation is the one of the crucial needs of human development. It's not just needs but a compulsory necessity. I was born with wooden spoon and motorcycle is the only mean of transportation I can afford other than bicycle. It's the best thing because I got it free as a gift from my sister and buying it was among the best moments because the taukeh taught that I just come by to his outlet surveying and I deliberately wore seasoned clothing with 6K in my pocket.

4. Winning Two Contests
-- I won two 5 stars hotel vouchers. Both in NST Travel & Time contest consecutively. It's not far to get an idea to win the contest. One was from nasi lemak stall in front of my house and one from the the picture I stole from Mira's facebook photos. With some magical hands on the keyboard of the wordsmith, I won the contests.