Thursday, March 26, 2009

One more thing...

since i am a tesl student, i must not commit any wrong-doings in grammar and syntax (which i really enjoy doing errors hahaha...)....but, i dont give a shit! someone criticize me for the grammatical errors because i'm very poor in, just to remind you all, ignore or correct it if there is/are any gramatical error(s) in the blog...but, i'll try my best not to make errors..i'm not an angel not even a devil as well...i am me!

ke-gem-bi-ra-an in bastardizing in both Malay and English.....!

i'm sorryyy....


  1. tape, errors make us human~ lagipon kite nih kn bukn native speakers, tade hal laa~

  2. hahahha,ye2..
    me too poor in grammar.

  3. betul tu, in fact, even native speakers make errors to!

  4. olos....taip kok malayu sudohs....hahahaa...