Saturday, April 18, 2009

i am too fat to be Ricky

pointless i said because all hell set loose for two bloody months clouding the sky crawled behind my back..yes, it's done..last night, was the climax for this final drama went smoothly~where i never thought it could be!

aaah, i feel plain right after the curtain of the stage closed..even though, the drama went successfully achieved, i felt neither happy nor proud nor disappointed..plain..we have been struggle like hell..endless sleepless night and fatigue..

i don't care what other group has achieved nor what people said towards my drama..since theater is passion, critic is part of fact, i received countless of critic coz of i'm not perform my roles during the practice well...but, to those who saw my drama last night, you judge it yourselves!

yes, i am to fat to carry a character that require to be damn hot and fucking macho coz i'm damn not that kind of character..but,think i carry it quite okay..but, maybe different people have different perspective towards my character..lalala...

erm, i'm bored to talk about my production..but, last night proved the already-proven stuff..i always said retarded people will always be fucking bastard..their stupidity is marvelous! they are trying to show their little power they have to the most-unlikely-creature-imaginable~~~student~~us~me! damn it u asshole! he, the hall keeper, told us not to do this and that and we accept it with an open heart..he told us not to push down the table even though the drama deeply needed to do so but we put the priority aside for the sake of not making trouble..

well, during the drama, anything can happen and yes we accidently ter-push the table because it was damn dark that of the chair also patah, and one of the actress was wounded due to the broken orb spreaded on the stage..

sial punya keeper, after the drama over, he rushed madly to my lecturer and complaining this and, watafak man?? we told you it was an accident and we have no intention whatsoever to do such thing...i curse him from the moment he open his fucking mouth..

well, that's people! i say nothing more..but mark my word, never give power even as small as ant to the retarded people because they will abuse it..they use it to menzalimi umat manusia ini...i hate these people with all my heart!

p/s: leave a comment for my drama..thanks
p/s: thanks for watching my drama
p/s: first time kene make-up...damn!
p/s: picture/video of my drama will be uploaded soon
p/s: who's with me against these bastards??


  1. yeah..u rawk as a ricky...i laughed ol the time man....fuck u as fuck hall keeper too...he is juz annoying since i first noe him....he is fucking retarded....last sem, when my production was on stage, he came up from nowhere just to mention about the spotlight....wadefak!!!

  2. haha
    aku nmpk mse staf intec tu complain kt nabil psl krusi meje tu
    mse tu grup mu tgh pratice ats stage,grup aku kt blakang tmpt dorg jge sound tu
    die ckp krusi xpe nk bling2,mje xbleh
    haha,xleh blah la pkck tu
    da mmg story korg kne setting mcm tu,bia jela klu mje nk ptah pn
    klu x,xeffect la spririt sara/mary tu ;)