Saturday, April 11, 2009

end of rice-less month

suffered i must say to you when i stop eating all rice-based-product and it means that i stop eating rice~~the most basic needs of us..not long but just barely one month..damn, it was a torture to me..eating just purely bread and lauk pauk when all of my friends in heaven eating the rice in paradise..

the first week was terribly hell! my hand was shaking like damn Parkinson dude! nevertheless, i, successfully, endured the first week..then, i realized that stop eating rice is totally crazy and torture, but, when looked it from the different perspective, is not about torture of not eating, but it was just a psychological attack to my mind and how i was going to manage my mental endurance~~(aku kecek supo aku ni da tip top Educational Psychology plak)

ermm, make it simple, you can do anything if you have a very strong will..phrase like "if there is a will, there is a way"...but saying it is much easier than done. trust me! can you stop eating rice for just one week? try it if you don't believe it..

seriously, i can say endurance la ape la, but, at least, i already achieve my target: NO RICE,what about you?? however, my friends amaze me because i can stop eating rice but shockingly, can't stop (or at least, reduce) my smoking habit...

i lost 9 kilograms of my fat body weight~~twice your weight (triple perhaps if you size like Khalid when you were a newborn baby.. 9kg in month! that was not just an accomplishment, the word is not suitable, is MIRACULOUSLY AMAZING, dude!

but, is not a happy ending story, today, i'm back eating the delicious white rice...i am very afraid that i will raise my weight again right before i can see my body shape change...dammit~

p/s: xde ke ubat yg bley ko tibai je ko nk makan ape tp berat badan ko x naik, x maintain, tp turun je berat badan ko...i'll bet kene telan marijuana sekilo sari baru bley kan...

this is obviously not my ass...!


  1. btl3..aku xmkn nasi sari pon duga balik doh wei.

  2. stop eatin rice but dont stop smokin.. kalu x berat mu naik secara mendadak...

  3. pesal name aku lak kn dlm nih, i weighed 3.75kg ok when i was born~ hehe, no i weigh only 50~ ish2 gemoknya la hai aku nih:P