Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Be Amazed with Kuala Lipis (Part 2)

I guess my last line in the previous post was a total lie. It wasn’t a moment at all. Days to be precise. I need to become a thief of time for today’s post. Ah yes, one thing I didn’t lie is about to tell you the beauty of Kuala Lipis—a town where I constantly mocking it. Well, that’s the beauty of criticizing. You can argue from every angle to any perspective.

Straight to the point, the beauty of Kuala Lipis, is, its people. They are wonderful creature. Hospitality is best suit to describe the people of this town. I do not really know the exact dialect used by the people here because Pahang is one big state and it contains lots of culture in the perspective of the Malay culture itself. Either you may know or may not, Pahang has a lot of dialects. I mean, for example, people from Temerloh speak, pronounce, and construct sentence structure slightly different from people from other part of this state. However, people of Kuala Lipis switch their tongues to speak with me (a complete stranger and a fat Kelantanese boy) just to build the comfort and trust of the conversation. They were trying to speak Kelantanese dialect even it didn’t sound quite right but who cares. They showed me a great honor, modesty and respect. Usually, people who come from other places need to suit with the environment but it seemed here, in Kuala Lipis, that’s not a case. Unlike the old saying, here, you do not really to uphold the sky from the earth you stepped into.You can speak your mother tongue freely. Amazing.

Look at this picture below. What a place! Yes, it may look hollow and deserted but it was during daytime—where people rushing to fetch their children or crawling away from schools. Rush doesn’t exist here. People are cruising through the town without any hesitation. To me, this is a place where you can run from hustle and bustle of city life without throwing yourselves into some tiger and elephant infested jungle. Your mind will be as empty as blank paper.

The last beauty of Kuala Lipis perhaps the most beautiful of all was I hang out with my father. Is that a beauty moment? I guess yes, if you have a father like mine. We do talks, discuss, joke and laugh together but to lepak with your father only, and no one else, is a very rare occasion. World Cup is just a mere platform and excuse for him to get along with me—something he never did since my mother brought me to this God forsaken earth. I was astonished. Having just a simple lepak, with two glasses of iced tea, watching the greatest tournament in the world was simply marvelous. I can feel his acceptance as an adult and not a young boy. We talk nothing but criticizing the game and the projector. It was plain and ordinary daily conversation but it meant a world to me—an acceptance towards adulthood.

Kuala Lipis truly is an amazing town!!

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