Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunset of World Cup

Double meanings perhaps of above title. Yes, it’s over and I feel empty. I am like a stallion who was very happy with cheering, jumping, and running here and there but after that I am back to the boring and dark stable. After all those dramatic, dull, and excruciating matches, the life is crawling back to haunt you down. We have had paused our lives for a month to watch this greatest tournament in the world. Forget your problems and spit out the bitterness of mortality and scream your lungs out until no air to breath anymore. Who cares if you come to class, to office, with eye bags hanging under your eyes? Watching this game, really, make you human beings—honestly. Sadly, everything has its beginning would definitely has its end. World Cup has ended and life starts back.

Well, even the games really out of any pundits’ prediction except the Paul the Octopus oracle, I must say, this year world cup is acceptably bored. We have teams like Italy, France and England were playing the games like they play at their creepy schools’ fields. South Africa is the host nation and with all the hype and supporters from their own continent, yet, they have nothing but to compare with school boys soccer. Honestly, I pity them. Nevertheless, the flaming spirit of Asia for Asia can’t be turned off even with an ocean of water. I always pick and let my fingers cross whenever an Asian team played. I don’t know why but I am fond of to underdog teams. Yet, all of the Asian teams had failed to impress me in this World Cup. Perhaps, next world cup would promise me a better fortune. I know Asian teams won’t go far just yet. Even with my spirit and love towards Asian teams, I still vote for Spain and Argentina, which I predict (from the beginning) either of these teams to hold the golden cup but Spain comes first. Spain is very promising yet they were barely crawling to kiss that golden cup. Argentina, on the other hand, had disappointed me and I have no other reason but to blame Diego Maradona and the goal keeper. Enough said. It seems that I am a bit inconsistent because I love Asian teams but I place my bet toward non-Asian teams. It’s enough for me to say that inconsistency reflects my rationality.

World Cup this year was very unique. South Africa was the first African country to host the tournament even with all those speculations and doubts clouding the potential of this country, still they managed to host this game successfully. This game has provided thousands of jobs to the African people and tourism would be one of the country’s assets.

Good bye South Africa and waiting for the next world cup hosted by Brazil (team I hate the most). Viva Espana!!!


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