Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pressing the Play Button from Pause/Stop Button

First and foremost, I would like to thank Valen for literally pushing me, to write or continue what I left before—to write blog. Honestly, I’m not always fond of writing things plus I’m not a good writer. Apparently, I just write it. To my own utter shock, some people really follow my blog. Nevertheless, with all the requirements of the world wants me to be, I end up pausing this blog from moving on. It almost one year now since I started blogging. Well, I must say after few blogs I wrote, the exuberance is running away and left me behind with a swollen brain.

Yes, I know writing blog is like writing a diary but to me writing blog is about expressing yourself in words. While diary is for personal secrecy, blog on the other hand, is telling other what is in your mind. I do read many blogs way before I jump into the pit of blog and so far I have quite a number of blogs I always read almost on regular basis. Thus, I create my own favorite list of blogs. From politics, foods, places to travel, to daily life experiences written by my friends and others.

I have so many things to share all this while, it’s just my spirit to write is shrunk but I will try my best to write many things that cross my mind before, now, and future. As a starter, I just write this ‘brief’ post as a sign to come back in the field of writing blog. True, like Valen said, it’s freaking long since I last updated the blog. Mesmerized.